Former Rockstar, Wargaming, Rovio & Next Games Developers Raise $4.4M For New Studio

Savage Game Studios, which was founded last summer by former developers from Rockstar, Wargaming, Rovio and Next Games, aims to specialize in free-to-play and AAA game development. The mobile developer has just completed a seed round of financing that raised $4.4 million.

According to the studio’s Linkedin page, “We’re a dynamite team of games professionals. In the past we’ve built, launched and grown some of the most prominent free-to-play and AAA titles. Today our focus lies in bringing genre defining games to touch-screen devices.”

Based in Berlin, Germany and Helsinki, Finland, Savage Game Studios has kept its plans relatively quiet until now. Established by Michail Katkoff, founder of the blog and podcast Deconstructor of Fun, the studio is currently working on its first title, a shooter for mobile devices. The new injection of cash will help the team move onto the production phase. The new game is expected to be released later this year. The studio also hopes to expand its teams in Helsinki and Berlin.

“All of the shooter games, since the start of battle royale boom in 2018, have focused on competitive fast paced gameplay,” Katkoff said. “We see there an opening for games that offer an opportunity to play with others and have rewarding sessions without the high pressure of player-versus-player environment.”

The seed round was led by Makers Fund and Play Ventures. Other investors include Noice CEO Jussi Laakkonen, Tactile Games CEO Asbjoern Soendergaard, the MDM Investment Syndicate, and Elite Games CEO Joakim Achrén’s game investment syndicates.

Savage Game Studios is currently hiring an Engine Programmer, an Unreal Programmer, a Server Programmer, a Senior 3D Artist, a Studio Art Director and an Animator, as well as, accepting open applications. The company, which currently has 10 employees, hopes to double its size in 2021.

“The mobile games industry continues to grow at double-digit pace year over year,” Katkoff said. “The growth that is driven both by existing and new games enables more studios to thrive. The reason for starting a new studio is that smaller studios can — and are expected — to take chances. Try something new that doesn’t exist in the market. Larger studios are by nature simply more risk averse.”

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