Forspoken: 10 Cutest Cats

Forspoken has a ton of cats, so many that it's easy to miss some. The gorgeous furballs can be found all over Athia. Between the 20 familiars, and the ones running around Cipal, there are around three dozen cats meowing for you to take a break from saving Athia and open up Photo Mode.

It's not always their looks that make the cats adorable, though. Many of the cats have backstories that make them cuter than any of the flashier familiars, reminding us that sometimes cuteness comes from more than just butterfly wings and unicorn horns. Sometimes, it's about loyalty and helping those around you.

10 Clere

One of Tanta Sila's winged pointy-tailed familiars, Clere sports a blueish-purple coat with aqua highlights. He is said to have been Sila's second pair of eyes, helping her protect Praenost from the Rheddig forces during the war.

Clere's responsibilities didn't end after Athia's victory, however. As Sila's mind deteriorated, it was Clere who helped guide her abused citizens from Praenost to Cipal. Once he was finished, this loyal familiar then headed back to the border of the two territories to watch over his once noble master, unable to do anything to help her.

9 Esha

This butterfly-winged beauty was one of the best doctors in Junoon before the Break. Her white and grey coat has tinges of pink at the ends. Between her bright blue eyes and the red and blue flowers on her back, she was probably the most adorable thing her patients had ever seen.

What's most impressive about Esha, however, was that she wasn't an assistant to the doctors of Junoon. On the contrary, Esha ran her own infirmary, and it was the humans that worked for her. She used them to perform the dexterous tasks her little paws couldn't, something that her archive entry says she was reluctant to do.

8 Kennah

One of Tanta Olas's ram-horned familiars, Kennah is one of the more plain-looking familiars in Athia. If you removed the horns, she would just be an average white and grey cat with a fluffy tail and green eyes.

Like all of Olas's familiars, though, Kennah helped the scholarly Tanta with her scholarly ventures. Kennah served as a school teacher for the children of Athia, and her archive entry tells the heartwarming story of how she fell asleep teaching once, prompting her students to all fall asleep as well.

7 Constantia

Constantia is the white and icy-blue familiar of Tanta Sila. While other familiars like Clere patrolled and Ledat went on spy missions, Constantia was charged with delivering Sila's personal messages.

Endlessly inquisitive, Constantia was said to have known every part of Praenost, and it's hilarious to think about what it would have been like living in Praenost and seeing her casually float by. She seems to be an explorer by heart, and it would have been amazing if there had been a Detour where you had to follow Constantia around Praenost looking for things like you do with the cats in Cipal.

6 Olevia's Cat

Olevia's Cat is definitely one of the cats with the most tragic backstory in Athia. Like Homer, Olevia's Cat isn't a magical familiar: it's just a normal domestic cat. It lived in Cipal with Olevia, and the only person it seemed to like was Olevia.

Even after Olevia's death, the Cat can be found bringing things to the memorial that is set up for Olevia. In its archive entry, it is said that it "sits and waits for its favorite human to return." Anyone would be lucky to have such a loyal cat, and if you're lucky enough, it might even open up its feline heart to you.

5 Rinat

This heterochromatic-eyed unikitty is one of the most posh-looking cats in Athia. Her snow-white fur perfectly compliments her golden jewelry and horn, and she looks like she should be on the cover of a can of cat food at the store.

Rinat is more than just beautiful, though. Prior to the Break, she worked as a prison guard for Tanta Prav. When the Break closed in on Avoalet, she was forced to decide the fate of her prisoners. In the end, she let them escape to safety, and you can find her watching over Avoalet as you explore the realm. Just make sure to prove her archive entry wrong and keep her safe.

4 Sana

This carefree caticorn familiar's orange and yellow markings and brown bracelets match perfectly with her dark-blue fur. In charge of deciding the nutritional needs of the citizens of Avoalet, Sana's love for seafood seemed to add some bias to her recommendations, but with good reason.

Not only was the watery realm of Avoalet full of fish, but Sana even makes the argument that seafood is incredibly nutritious. Then again, with all the Protosuchus wandering around attacking you, it makes you wonder how safe it was to fish before the Break.

3 Bodhi

Plants. Bodhi likes plants. So much so that this white and blue striped furball was known for his contributions to the development of Junoon's physic gardens and was considered one of the hardest working of Cinta's familiars.

His Blue Swallowtail style wings and enchanting light blue flowers would have seamlessly blended him in with the plants he cared for, and it's a shame that many of them were ruined by the Break. Thankfully he has some herbs that he managed to keep alive to tend to, and it's not hard to imagine that at least some of them are cat grass.

2 Advik

A musician that would have probably put Wallace to shame, the cheerfully looking blue and white Advik was well-known in Junoon. His eye-catching orange flowers and orange and black wings contrast his fur handsomely, and his yellow nose makes you immediately want to give him a little boop with your finger.

Apparently, he was quite dexterous when playing the harp, but the best part of Advik's backstory is that he had to sit on a specially built pedestal to play it. Seeing a cat playing the harp would have been quite the sight to begin with, but seeing him on a special seat would have made it hard not to squeal out in glee.

1 Homer

A stray like Frey, Homer is Frey's loyal companion. She is a fluffy Sealpoint Himalayan with bright blue eyes and is the only family that Frey has. Even after she found her way to Athia, Homer is constantly on Frey's mind, with her regularly commenting on how the cats she finds aren't as cute as Homer.

Unfortunately, you don't get to see a lot of Homer, as after the apartment Frey was squatting in was lit on fire, Frey was forced to give her up. Thankfully Frey was able to give her to Maya Bird, where she hopefully gets all the wet cat food she deserves.

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