Forspoken: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Despite the overwhelming negativity surrounding Forspoken's launch, many fans have still been enjoying their time with the fantastical open-world action-adventure title. After Frey has saved the world of Athia, she and her sidekick Cuff still have plenty of work to do to restore the fantastic world to its former glory.

After Frey has prevented the destruction of this mysterious and magical fantasy world, there are still many things for her to do, including but not limited to obtaining new powerful attacks, completing more quests, collecting various pieces of equipment, taking on difficult challenges, and exploring anywhere that she had not explored previously.

10 Finish All Spell Trees

Unless you explored all of Athia before the end of Forspoken's story, you probably did not obtain every spell since the most powerful ones require a more significant amount of mana to unlock. Plus, a select number of spells that don't need mana require Frey to visit the various founts across Athia.

Once you've completed all spell trees and have access to every spell, you can see Frey's full potential, and this can help make other remaining tasks more manageable. Seeking out each fount also helps you reveal more of the map, allowing you to see any nearby points of interest.

9 Collect All Cloaks And Necklaces

It's quite easy to go through all of Forspoken using only one or two cloaks and necklaces for the entire story, so you may be missing quite a few of them. All cloaks and necklaces are locked behind different challenges that usually involve defeating a number of enemies before they can be obtained.

All of these pieces of equipment have different passive effects, such as increasing Frey's health, how much damage her different types of magic can deal, and other various bonuses. They can also be upgraded by using specific materials found throughout Athia, so you could also completely upgrade all of them if you want.

8 Collect All Nail Designs

Nails are another big part of Forspoken, where unless you explored a lot of Athia before completing the main story, you probably have only a few sets. Nail designs also give Frey different passive bonuses, but unlike cloaks and necklaces, they can't be upgraded.

A different set of nails can also be equipped to each of Frey's hands, so some that lower the damage specific abilities deal can be balanced out with nails that boost those same abilities. Similar to other equipment, you'll have to fight various enemies to obtain these nail designs, with some being more worth the trouble than others.

7 Bond With All Familiars

There are a handful of familiars in Athia that previously served as the familiars of each Tanta before they were driven mad by the break. You may have encountered one early in the game, but there are 21 familiars total. Each of these feline creatures has its own lore, which are typically fun stories about what they did before the Tantas went mad.

These familiars might not do anything special, but once you've bonded with them, they'll appear at any refuge you come across, and having a refuge filled with magical felines is way more fun than a refuge that doesn't have them.

6 Venture Through The Locked Labyrinths

There are dungeons called Locked Labyrinths all over Athia, with plenty of materials and other valuable items for those brave enough to delve into them. Locked Labyrinths typically have large rooms filled with enemies, and defeating every enemy in each room is the only way to progress through them.

There is also usually a boss in the final room of each Locked Labyrinth, and defeating them will grant Frey access to whatever treasure they might be guarding, which is usually equipment. Locked Labyrinths also have chests containing Old Coins that can be spent at Cipal's bookshop or the Curiosity Shop, but they require either a puzzle to be solved or mana to be spent.

5 Take On Flashback Challenges

During Frey's journey through select areas of Athia, you'll come across various Monuments of Wisdom that allow Frey to take on Flashback Challenges. Flashback Challenges are timed challenges where Frey must either only defeat enemies or defeat enemies and reach a specific goal point before the time limit is up.

These challenges reward different amounts of mana, with first place rewarding the highest amount. Completing these challenges can be helpful for obtaining more powerful spells that have a higher mana cost than previous ones that you may not have been able to unlock without a lot more exploration of Athia.

4 Collect And Read Expanded Lore

The lore of Forspoken is collected in the archives. While you'll gain some of it automatically through the story or by visiting Cipal's archives, the rest must be obtained by exploring the world and completing tasks. Similar to side quests, some archives are only obtainable for a specific time and cannot be obtained after, so you may be out of luck if you have already finished the main story quest.

You can also observe any enemies you encounter to better understand their behavior, which can aid you when fighting against them. However, it's already relatively straightforward after you've learned their weaknesses by fighting them.

3 Complete New And Left Over Side Quests

While some side quests are only available during specific parts of Forspoken's story, there are still plenty to accept after finishing it, as well as any you haven't finished yet that wasn't locked to specific chapters. Some side quests can only be accepted in the post-game, so you have some extra incentive to go back and experience new quests and complete any that were left over.

One of the first side quests you can accept after saving Athia is the Cipal Reborn mission, where you have Frey help three citizens around Cipal with various tasks. Completing this quest also unlocks the fun yet challenging Dancing In Cipal quest line, adding a brief dancing mini-game.

2 Explore All Of Athia

Forspoken's story only takes you through some of Athia, so you may have more to explore once Frey has completed her initial quest. While exploring, it's beneficial to go to unmarked refuges and belfries, as they will help you fast-travel, and the latter will reveal other nearby points of interest, including optional bosses to fight.

There is also the Curiosity Shop, the only remaining shop not located in Cipal, which is run by a break-infected human called the Curio Collector. This shop has a few valuable items, but they can only be purchased with Old Coins found in chests around the world, so you'll have to explore and save up to buy his entire stock.

1 Go For The Platinum Trophy

To obtain all achievements on Steam or the platinum trophy on PlayStation 5, you don't have to one hundred percent complete everything in the game, so it's much easier than expected. Lowering the difficulty level, turning on all accessibility options, and enabling other useful gameplay options doesn't lock any trophies or achievements either.

Because tasks in Forspoken can get tedious and repetitive, messing with the settings to make obtaining the platinum trophy easier is highly recommended. While the game has some missable collectibles, not all are required for your task, so it isn't a big deal if you miss a few.

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