Fortnite Adds The Guy From The Stonks Meme For April Fool’s, But It’s Not A Joke

A Diamond Hanz bundle has been added to the Fortnite in-game store, and it includes a skin based on the CGI guy from the Stonks meme.

April Fool’s Day is a minefield when it comes to news, both for the reader and the writer. Chances are many of you reading this will have been excited by something you’ve seen only to discover it has been completely fabricated, or the realization that it is April 1 has dawned on you seconds later. That’s what it felt like when Fortnite’s Diamond Hanz skin was first revealed, but a visit to the in-game store has revealed it isn’t a prank at all.

The CGI man made famous by the Stonks meme, which has been pulling double duty so far in 2021, really is available right now in Fortnite. Providing you are reading this on April 1, of course. The clock on the store implies the skin and its associated items will only be available to buy for 12 hours.

The skin is named Diamond Hanz, a reference to the term Diamond Hands which is used to describe someone in possession of valuable stocks. The bundle costs 1,200 V-Bucks and also comes with an orange arrow backbling, another element from the famous meme. Hanz’s suit is also a little worn, likely due to the fact living in The Loop is a lot harder than life on Wall Street.

One of the weirder crossovers in the Fortnite universe, something Epic has eased up on after the madness that was season five. Everyone from Master Chief to Predator became a part of Fortnite lore last season, reaching a point where it really did feel like a little much. So far the only major addition to season six has been Lara Croft unless you believe the rumors The Rock voiced The Foundation during this season’s opening cinematic.

The theme of the season is Primal, which has meant a number of things so far. The weapons are different, the map has evolved, and there are beasts dotted around the island waiting to be tamed. Those beasts now include raptors that hatched from their eggs earlier this week. Good luck taming them though as they don’t appear to be all that friendly.

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