Fortnite Announces Dragon Ball Crossover, Arrives August 16

It’s official. Fortnite will host a Dragon Ball crossover on August 16.

The news comes courtesy of Fortnite’s own Twitter account, which posted a teaser image that’s very clearly Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. He even says the line when you’ve gathered all seven Dragon Balls so you can make your one wish.

This crossover doesn’t entirely come as a surprise. Last month, well-known Fortnite leaker Hypex noted that the recent update which added Indiana Jones and vaulted a few weapons also left a prop in Creative Mode that looked exactly like a Capsule Corp capsule. It even had the same bold outlines that define other anime cosmetics in Fortnite such as the Sasuke and Orochimaru skins from Naruto.

Hypex also noted that August would be a great time for Fortnite to host a Dragon Ball crossover. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arrives August 19 in the US and Canada. The 21st Dragon Ball feature film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero largely features Gohan and Piccolo as they dismantle a revived Red Ribbon Army as it attempts to gather public support by creating two "superhero" androids. In secret, however, the Red Ribbons are making an improved version of Cell–a being so powerful he very nearly ended the world.

We don’t know what Fortnite’s crossover will entail just yet. It might involve a limited-time event where players have to collect seven Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to make one wish, or it might just be a bunch of Dragon Ball-themed cosmetics. Or maybe both. We’ll find out for sure August 16, or possibly sooner on Fortnite’s Twitter feed.

In other Dragon Ball news, Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting rollback netcode in a future update. Producer Tomoko Hiroki made the announcement at Evo 2022 where he also reiterated that the game isn't going to receive any more characters or balance updates. But hey, rollback netcode is something that fighting game enthusiasts all agree is the best solution to online play, so that's sure to make Dragon Ball FighterZ fans happy.

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