Fortnite: Every Week 2 Challenge

It’s time to get all your weekly Fortnite challenges done! Unfortunately this week there are no Legendary quests, so you won’t be receiving that extra XP. But, on the bright side, compared to last season Epic quests now give an extra 4,000 experience points and we’re getting plenty of those for week 2.

The challenges are all Epic rarity (purple) and they have different stages. The challenges tend to get progressively harder so the third stage might be more of a hassle than the first one.

The first set of challenges starts with crafting three different bows and then requires players to deal damage to their opponents in specific ways.

Stage 1: Craft a Mechanical Bow, a Mechanical Explosive Bow, and a Mechanical Shockwave Bow

Mechanical bows can be crafted with only four mechanical parts and a makeshift bow. The Mechanical Explosive Bow and the Mechanical Shockwave Bow both require you to obtain a Rare (blue rarity) Mechanical Bow.

The Explosive Bow can be crafted using six grenades and the Shockwave Bow using two shockwave grenades. Check out our complete crafting guide, it goes into detail on how to craft all the bows available in Fortnite.

Stage 2: Deal damage with a mechanical weapon (300)

In order to deal damage with a mechanical weapon, you have to either buy one from an NPC, find one as you search for loot, or craft one yourself. To craft a mechanical weapon, all you need is four mechanical parts and a makeshift weapon.

If you’re wondering how you can obtain mechanical parts, they’re easiest to find by breaking cars, trucks, tractors, and trailers. Sometimes NPCs will give you some as well when you first speak to them.

Stage 3: Deal explosive damage to opponents (1,000)

The last stage of the challenge can be a bit more difficult. It is advisable to deal explosive damage to knocked opponents with grenades.

You can also craft yourself an Explosive Bow or even try searching a supply drop in Team Rumble to see if you can get a Rocket Launcher, these weapons tend to make it easier to deal explosive damage.

The next set of challenges will have you trekking around the map.

Stage 1: Ride different ziplines (5)

You can find ziplines in a couple of specific places on the map. To get the challenge done quickly you should head over to The Spire. There are several ziplines there. Some up above, some down below, this means that you can easily drop from one to another and get this done in a minute.

Stage 2: Obtain literature samples from Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row (4)

You need to find four different literature samples in these locations. You should have no trouble grabbing them if you explore these locations. But, to make things easier, we’ve written a guide that will show you exactly where to find the literature samples.

Stage 3: Get a headshot with a bow (1)

This challenge is pretty straightforward. You just need to get a headshot with a bow. But if you’re not able to do this with a moving target, try knocking an opponent with a weapon you’re more comfortable with and then headshot them with a bow as they’re on the ground.

Tame a boar

You can tame a boar by crafting a Hunter’s Cloak and getting close to it. Then, a ‘tame’ interaction will show up on your screen. If you don’t have a Cloak, you can also do this by luring them with fruit or vegetables and sneakily approaching them.

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