Fortnite: How To Unlock The Predator Skin And Other New Items

Predator has arrived in Fortnite. Not just its pod or the accompanying sound effects, but the real thing, and it’s scary.

Last week, Predator’s pod crash-landed in Fortnite, confirming that the alien is season five’s mystery skin. However, only three related items came with it, none of which were the skin itself. For tips on how to complete the first three challenges and unlock the related items, check out TheGamer’s handy guide. As for the rest of Fortnite’s Predator items, they were added today via the 15.21 update.

Predator has been added to the map as a very powerful NPC that players have been tasked with defeating. It might be the hardest Fortnite NPC to defeat to date for a number of reasons. It can turn invisible just like in the movies and is hiding out at Stealthy Stronghold which is filled with trees and rocks to hide among.

Taking down Predator is worth it for a number of reasons, though. Most importantly, doing so will unlock the Predator skin. Predator will also drop its cloaking tech when defeated. Some players are already arguing that the Mythic Item is OP. However, those using it cannot use another item or weapon at the same time, and its effect only lasts for 30 seconds at a time.

Defeating Predator will also unlock the Jungle Hunter Quests, each of which will unlock another Predator item upon completion. All of the quests can be found below.

  • Collect at least one legendary-tier or higher rated weapon during a match.
  • Complete at least one bounty as the Predator.
  • Visit the Predator’s apartment in Hunter’s Haven as the Predator.
  • Spend 30 seconds within a 10-meter radius of another player while dressed as the Predator.
  • Deal 100 damage while the Predator’s thermal mode is active.

The items available include a Predator pickaxe and a rather terrifying new emote. The animation has Predator remove its mask to reveal the ugly you-know-what underneath. It then leans forward and lets out a roar. Suffice to say, the items added to Fortnite today definitely aren’t aimed at the game’s younger demographic.

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