Fortnite Players Share Quick Way To Finish Grenades And Fireflies Quest

There are so many millions of people playing Fortnite that different groups play it for a variety of different reasons. That's kind of the point. If you're one of the many that plays to complete challenges and grind XP, then a quick way to complete a new set of challenges that will get you a lot of it might be the best bit of Fortnite news you read today.

The challenge in question is the one that tasks players with using chug splash, grenades, and fireflies. The sort of challenge most players will probably passively complete as those are weapons and items most tend to use in the majority of matches anyway. That does mean completing the higher levels of that challenge will take a while, which is why a handy workaround shared by Guille_GAG is definitely worth checking out.

While you can use any of the three items, or a mixture of them, to complete the challenge, to do it quicker than Epic Games intended, you'll need to stick to fireflies. Throwing a jar of fireflies breaks the glass and sets whatever it hits aflame. What you might not know is throwing them into water means you can pick them back up again.

That makes sense since, newsflash, water is neither hard enough to break glass, nor can it catch fire. Even though the jar doesn't break when thrown into water, as you can see in the video above, it still counts towards your challenge total. You can then pick your jars back up and throw them again, and then continue that process until all levels of the challenge have been completed.

There are four stages to the challenge, each of which will reward you with 16,000 XP once complete. Not to be sniffed at for something that takes very little effort. As for what you can do on the island after you're done throwing fireflies, The Kid Laroi will be performing on his very own island on Friday, and Fortnite's Dead Space crossover is now live ahead of the remake's launch tomorrow.

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