Fortnite Ruin skin challenge news and Season 8 stage update

The first stage of the Fortnite Ruin skin is now live, with the special reward for Battle Pass owners now available to be unlocked.

According to those who now have access to the Ruin Design, the Fortnite Ruin skin is unlocked after completing 55 Weekly Challenges.

It’s part of Season 8’s Secret Discovery Challenge set and will only be available to unlock over the coming weeks.

After Season 8 ends, the Ruin skin will likely never become available through the Fortnite item Shop.

Fans are hoping that the new fiery Knight will include it’s own stage-by-stage release like we have seen in the past.

While it’s too early to say what kind of role this new character will have in the ongoing story and Fortnite lore, we know that you can unlock new cosmetics for it.

A set of special Ruin Challenges are now available to complete on PS4, Xbox One, Mobile, Nintendo Switch and PC.

These are only open to those players who have unlocked the Ruin Skin and will add new items to complete the design.

These include the fiery Ruin Backbling and the matching, savage-looking, Pick Axe. Both items help complete the set, at least for now.

So far, these appear to be the only new unlockable items for the Ruin skin, meaning we may not see new progressive designs for it.

The Prisoner skin from Season 7 was a smash hit for this exact reason so it will be a real shame for Battle Pass fans if they don’t get a chance to do this again.

To unlock the new cosmetic items for the Fortnite Ruin skin, fans will need to follow these steps:

  • Destroy Trees (0/50)
  • Destroy Rocks (0/50)
  • Destroy Cars, Trucks or RVs (0/20)
  • Deal damage to opponents’ structures (0/10,000)
  • Outlast opponents (0/1,000)
  • Complete daily challenges (0/5)

It should be noted that the Ruin skin is only available to those players who have an active Season 8 Battle Pass.

Normal players will not be able to complete the required amount of challenges to earn it in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Clues have started to be shared by Epic Games concerning what might happen at the start of Season 9.

Following the release of Fortnite update 8.40 Loot Lake and the remains of Kevin the Cube have been replaced with a mysterious hatch.

It looks like the diggers that had surrounded Loot Lake have uncovered this new Fortnite hatch.

The popular theory right now is that the Fortnite Ruin skin – which is the reward for the Discovery challenges – could emerge from the hatch.

The secret challenge skins usually play a role in the final seasonal events and with the new location on the map changing, it makes sense that both would be tied together somehow.

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