Fortnite servers are down: When will Fortnite be back up?

Fortnite servers are down tonight and it appears to be affecting Battle Royale fans in the US and Europe the worst. Other hotspots have popped up in places like South America and it should be noted that Epic Games has confirmed that they know about the issues. The question now is when will Fortnite server be back online for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Mobile gamers?

The good news is that Epic Games has a laundry list of issues that they know about, following today’s 12.20 update.

And they also know about the current outage issue affecting Fortnite Battle Royale on different platforms.

The latest from Epic Games adds: “We’re currently investigating issues with logins, matchmaking, the Item Shop, and other Fortnite services. We’ll provide an update when these are resolved.”

Adding within the last hour: “We are still actively working to resolve these issues.

“Please note that if your Friends aren’t listed in your Friends List, they will be there again when these issues are resolved.”

The bad news is that Epic Games have been unable to provide an ETA on when servers will be back online.

For now, services like the Item Shop, login, Matchmaking, Parties, Friends, and Messaging are all listed as suffering from Degraded performance.

This means that they aren’t working properly but have not been completely knocked offline.

And that suggests that services should be back to normal by the end of today, March 17.

No reason has been given for the current outage, although it appears that more people are logging in this week.

With more people at home due to quarantine guidance, there’s a good chance that internet services and game servers are under added pressure.

More news is expected to be shared by Epic Games within the next hour if services have not returned to normal.

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