Fortnite: Where To Find Thor’s Hammer And God Of Thunder Emote

Whoever is worthy enough to find Thor’s hammer may wield it, and we can help you with its whereabouts in Fortnite! Once you find it, you can then equip Mjölnir as a harvesting tool with any character.


You must first have this season’s battle pass to access this content. Purchase it and equip the Thor skin, which is instantly available to you. Now that you are the mighty god of thunder, get to level 8 on the battle pass to summon Thor’s hammer to the map. Once you have done that, prepare to drop.


  • Go southwest of Salty Springs.
  • While there, you can see a crater that was created from the impact of Thor’s hammer. It looks very similar to the scene from the first Thor film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • The crater is next to a river and a wooden bridge is southeast of the area.
  • Land nearby and grab the hammer in the middle of the crater. You will then see the majesty of Thor’s hammer and wield it for the rest of the game.


Thor’s hammer isn’t the only unlockable aspect for the character. To truly become the thunder god, there is a built-in emote which will let you transform into Thor as any character. This time, he’s all electrified and ready to fight evil (or another noob in Fortnite). To unlock this, you must get to Level 15 and complete three tasks.

  • Play as Thor and find the Bifrost runes.
  • They are east of Weeping Woods, but it’s not as simple as finding Thor’s hammer. You have to go up a few hills to reach it.
  • Be careful of enemy fire; these were perilous to find!

  • Second, you’ll have to deal 100 damage with Thor’s hammer. It’s tough since you’re bringing a hammer to a gun party, but I was successful by going into the Team Rumble mode and gathering at the center of the action.
  • Third and finally, Thor must go to the mountain top ruins southeast of Misty Meadows. The landmark is called Mount F8.

  • It’s easy to access after dropping from the bus. You’ll see some pillars of stone with runes on them. Go there and you will be able to gain Thor’s powers and the emote.

Odin’s beard! You are now ready to strike your foes down with Mjölnir in hand! Congrats! Enjoy playing as Thor in Fortnite!

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