Fortnite Will Have $20 million In Prize Cash For Tournaments In 2021

It’s 2021, and the new year brings new changes for the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). Epic just announced what to expect in Chapter 2, Season 5 of Fortnite, including changes to prizing, format, gameplay adjustments, and some other tournaments that might be worth checking out.

But let’s start with the biggest changes coming to the FNCS. Based on player feedback, this year’s tournaments are moving to trios for all of 2021. Scoring will still be based on eliminations and overall placement, with more info on that coming in the coming days.

The biggest change has to do with dollar signs. The FNCS prize pool for 2021 is increasing to $20 million, which is $3 million more than last year. Those dollars are now only handed out for people placing in the finals of each seasonal tournament, so there’s more pressure than ever to place.

We know of a few other adjustments coming for Chapter 2, Season 5. A Single, cross-platform player pool will be enacted for the first time, allowing players on other platforms to play together. Once a team qualifies for the semi-finals, they will no longer compete in qualifier games, which frees up enough time so that the semi-finals and finals of each tournament will be played on separate weekends.

Additionally, the top three teams from each region will auto-qualify for next season’s finals. FNCS champs and “other consistent performers” also get invited to mid and end-of-year competitions with even bigger prize pools.

How big? Well, each seasonal tournament will have $3 million distributed across each region, but the mid and end-of-year tournaments have $8 million. Presumably, that means $4 million for those tournaments each, but the end-of-year tourney might be weighted higher than the beginning of the year.

Outside of the FNCS, there’s still Solo Saturdays, Cash Cups, and console-specific tournaments that will have smaller cash prizes, and LTM Tournaments will be a no-stakes, for-fun format to practice in.

Chapter 2, Season 5’s schedule has been posted on Epic’s site, along with a few more additions to the rules. Check ’em out if you plan on getting serious about your Fortnite. In the meantime, players are already sick of The Preadtor and his cloaking, thank you very much.

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