Fortnite Wolverine trophy: How to find Wolverine’s trophy in Dirty Docks for week 3

Fortnite Wolverine challenges are back, with the week 3 task being find Wolverine’s trophy in Dirty Docks. The latest Fortnite Wolverine challenges follows on from the week 1 task which asked players to investigate mysterious claw marks and the week 2 challenge which asked players to find the loading screen picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site.

The opening Fortnite Wolverine challenge offered players the reward of a Berserker Barrage spray while the week 2 challenge gave players the Adamantium Slash loading screen.

This week’s reward is far better, with Fortnite players able to get a sentinel head back bling after completing the week 3 Wolverine challenge.

And it’s quite straightforward to complete. As the name suggests, you’ll need to head to Dirty Docks to complete the latest Fortnite Wolverine challenge.

Then, lookout for a building isolated all on its own just south of the main Dirty Docks area.

There on a shelf you’ll find the Wolverine trophy and after picking it up you’ll have access to the sentinel back bling. If you’re still struggling then check out this video from YouTuber Hank Loose for a step-by-step guide.

Today has also seen the release of the Fortnite 14.10 update, and leakers have discovered details on the upcoming Wolverine challenges.

Here are details on the Fortnite Wolverine challenges for week 4 and 5…

• Launch off all Sentinel Hands without touching the ground

• Locate a Mutant Containment truck

And, in case you’re wondering, then here are details on the other Fortnite week 3 challenges which have gone live today…


• Search Chests at Steamy Stacks (7)

• Eliminations at Retail Row (3)

• Collect Wood from Weeping Woods (500)

• Visit Panther’s Prowl (1)

• Deal damage with exploding Gas Pumps or Gas Cans (250)

• Place Fire Traps (3)

• Eliminate Iron Man at Stark Industries (3)

• Deal damage to opponents at Misty Meadows (500)

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