Frostpunk: How To Raise Hope

Developed by 11 Bit Studios and released in 2018 for PC, Frostpunk presents you with a rather tricky task: keep people alive against all odds. In this game, the world has succumbed to a worldwide volcanic winter, and you must lead a group of people to a new home, where you’ll be in charge of managing resources, signing new laws, and even deciding the fate of your people, all in the name of survival.

Since Frostpunk is city-building and a survival game, you’ll have to keep a close eye on things like resource availability, temperature levels, general discontent, and hope. All of them are equally important since dropping in one aspect can quickly make things go south for everyone. So to avoid major complications, here’s everything you need to know about hope in Frostpunk and how to raise it.

What Is Hope?

Life should be lived, not just survived. That’s why when you find yourself in a condition where barely staying alive is the best you can do, Hope is essential for keeping you alive.

In Frostpunk, Hope represents your group’s confidence in surviving. That’s why things like the choices you make, the things you build (or decide not to), the laws you sign, and many other factors will either raise or lower people’s hope.

Hope is a game mechanic you’ll need to monitor constantly because even the smallest choices can change how much hope you have. Once it’s far too low and remains at the level for a long time, people will start thinking of overthrowing you to find better leadership. Fortunately, the game will tell you which actions affect hope, so just make sure you think (and read) before acting.

How To Raise Hope In Frostpunk

While playing the game, you’ll eventually make decisions that will lower the hope people have in what you’re doing, especially if it’s your first time playing. There’s no need to panic as the game offers several ways in which you can raise whatever Hope you have, either with a permanent or temporary boost.

So here’s everything you should do to maintain this stat high enough.

Fulfill Your Promises

During your gameplay, people will come up to you expressing their concerns; these can be about low food rations or not enough housing for everybody. You’ll then have to choose either to fix the problem or simply not address it for the moment.

However, if you decide to remedy the situation and then don’t do whatever you promised, hope will go down.

Use The Book Of Laws

As the captain of this whole operation, Frostpunk lets you decided how to deal with any problem that comes up. This can sometimes mean signing new laws via The Book of Laws. From there, you’ll make tough decisions like kids joining the workforce or what to do with bodies after people start dying.

Pay close attention to the law you want to pass, since each one will affect hope or discontent to various degrees.

Do Public Penances

If you’re following the faith path, then you’ll probably have faith keepers in your city. These are equivalent to guard stations from the order path. When it comes to raising hope, faith keepers can perform public penances, an event where people can admit their wrongdoings and show remorse to be forgiven.

Hope will rise once this ceremony begins, and discontent will fall. However, keep in mind that performing public penances comes with the possibility of people getting injured.

Build A House Of Prayer And A Temple

The house of prayer building is a must-have since it allows you to perform actions like sermons and evening prayers, raising hope. Moreover, people who live nearby these buildings will have higher hope than those who don’t.

However, houses of prayers aren’t the only faith-related building you can use to raise hope. There’s also the temple. While you can only have one in the city, the temple raises hope by allowing you to perform different abilities like:

  • Ceremonial Service: This costs 20 food rations, but it raises hope and comforts the discontented.
  • Evening Prayers: This will make hope rise and discontent fall a little.
  • Sermon: This also costs 20 food rations, and hope will rise slightly.

Consider Passing The Pledge Of Loyalty Law

This one is another law you’ll find when following the order path from the book of laws. With pledge of loyalty, you’ll turn people into secret informers. Doing so will give you a permanent hope bonus. However, this will also cause discontent to rise a little.

Build Watchtowers Or Guard Stations

These buildings have a passive effect where people who live near them will feel more hopeful due to their neighbors watching over them.

On the same note, guard stations are like an upgrade from watchtowers, and they also have the same hope-rising effect. Not only that, but you can perform patrols once a guard station is built. You’ll gain a slight hope boost with each patrol.

Allow Morning Gatherings

If you’re following the order path, you can use the book of laws to pass the morning gathering law. This one will make people gather each morning to discuss their goals and priorities for the day.

Each time the people gather, hope will increase a little.

Don’t Forget About The Propaganda Centre

The propaganda centre is one of the buildable structures in Frostpunk. You can only have one of these in the city and what they do is deliver news to people via propaganda bulletins, increasing hope in the process.

Build Shrines

If you’re following the faith path from the book of laws, you can build small shrines on the streets. This way, people can pray whenever they’re passing.

This is super useful since it means you’ll have a permanent hope bonus based on the number of people who work near a shrine.

Don’t Forget About The Children

After signing the child shelters law, you’ll be able to build child shelters. These buildings are safe places for children to hang out while their parents are at work.

The thing is that child shelters can only carry 15 children at a time. However, if all of the children in your city have space in one of these shelters, then you’ll get a permanent increase in hope.

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