G4 TV Reportedly Hit With Surprise Layoffs

G4 TV has reportedly been hit with surprise layoffs, with talent allegedly coming in for programming only to have it cancelled and taken to HR individually. A new report suggest that between 20-30 employees have been laid off so far as G4 TV looks to be struggling financially not even a year after the reboot.

Speaking with Kotaku, one employee has even said that they can "not imagine" the show continuing as normal without the people that were allegedly laid off today. Staff that have been laid off will reportedly receive between 16 weeks and six months of severance pay, although the future of G4 itself as well as the lineup of shows is currently has planned is unknown.

According to Kotaku, three of their sources describe trouble with financing over the past few months. They also claim that two months ago, former G4 president Russell Arons had allegedly set ridiculous revenue goals leaving staff confused and bewildered. G4 is now run by Comcast Spectator CEO Joe Marsh, who has reportedly been finding ways to cut down on budget which is one possible reason for this round of layoffs.

While there are plenty of staff left at G4 that will likely attempt to keep running things as normal, it's difficult to see how it will given that it sounds like several key members have lost their job. It also seems like a project that's destined to fail, as severe financial problems at less than a year old doesn't really give off the impression of a well-run business. Still, it's a shame for fans to see G4 TV in crisis and our thoughts go out to all of those affected.

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