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Despite being a private investigator in Gamedec, you're quite in high demand. Problems seem to go wrong quite often in the virtual world and foul play is always a definite possibility. As such, you'll have both casual players and powerful business people seeking your services. One of your first clients is a powerful individual who summons you for a very personal reason.

After you arrive at his office and get the details of the case, you'll be tasked with rescuing his son Fredo from within a game. Talking to his friend will reveal that Fredo has gone into a very extreme game called Twisted & Perverted.

Exploring Twisted & Perverted

The virtual universe is a huge place that aims to cater to every single person's fantasies and desires. That also means that there is a place for people to play out some of their darker and more violent thoughts. This is what Twisted & Perverted provides for those willing to venture into it.

Taking the form of a rundown city in perpetual night, players are able to perform aggressive and extreme acts with both players and NPCs they encounter in the game. It really lives up to its name, and you'll need to be brave to find Fredo.

How To Find Fredo

After you arrive in Twisted & Perverted, look for a streetlamp with a man under it. He'll ask you to find his wife who will be behind the subway standing by a unicorn. Resolve their marital dispute first, then you can learn more about what form Fredo has taken when arriving in the game.

You can also talk to two women under a streetlamp across the street for more info on Fredo's appearance and his behavior. This will lead you to learn about where he might have gone and with whom.

Start talking to all the same individuals in order to find more information about where Fredo might have gone. This will lead you down an alley that's on the left side of the street where you'll find some troubling evidence of a struggle.

Go back to the main street to find the unicorn and learn more about the Trolls causing problems in the game. Then, on the right side of the street, look for a man named Ken standing by a building corner. He'll reveal himself as a programmer who can help you look for developer stacks.

Go back to the alley to find the developer stacks and expose an admin's movements. Follow their pattern to find all the right glitches and gain information from the admin.

From this, you'll be led back to the main street where you'll need to talk to a person at the end to learn about a cult that Fredo may have gotten swept up into. By doing this, you'll be able to track down the cult leader who you'll need to converse with to find where Fredo went.

As long as you stay on the cult leader's good side, you'll learn that Fredo is inside the large theater on the main street. After you finish talking, you'll be able to enter the theater where you'll find Fredo on the main stage.

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