Games Inbox: Are you going to watch the PS5 reveal?

The Thursday Inbox asks why there’s not more games set in China, as one reader hopes there’s never a Resident Evil 4 remake.

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Today’s the day
So, this is the time. 9pm on Thursday we should finally see what the PlayStation 5 is all about and finally the hype can begin. I realise it could be another disappointment, but surely it can’t be this time. Sony knows how sick we are of being teased and we know so little about the PlayStation 5 they’ve got to start sometime.

If I’d had time I would’ve booked a day off on Friday, as I intend to watch the whole show, but I’m going to stay up anyway and watch it and just stagger in the next day anyway. I know it only starts at 9pm and ends at 10 but you’ve got to factor into that at least two or three hours of debating it online afterwards!

Or complaining that it was another false start, although I really hope that doesn’t happen. I don’t think it will though. I feel it in my bones, this is going to be one of those gaming events everyone remembers for a long time. Especially if Knack 3 gets announced!

Actual megaton
Really looking forward to Thursday’s PlayStation 5 event and I hope that it shows off plenty of new games, just like we expect.

I’m already not liking the fact that there’s no E3 though. Everything’s so spread out and vague and you never know whether the next thing is going to be some announcement of announcement or an actual megaton.

But my hopes are high that we’ll get some clear evidence of why the PlayStation 5 is worth getting, what difference the SSD makes, and a showreel of a lot of games, even if some are a way off. I want to be excited, I want to understand what the console is about, and I want a reason to pre-order!

Kratos vs. Ellie
I’m looking forward to The Last Of Us 2. I know this might sound blasphemous, but I’m not a massive fan of Naughty Dog. But I do enjoy their storytelling and they make good looking games. They have no need to change, as their games sell many millions, but I wish they put as much focus on gameplay as they do on cut scenes and graphics.

Nothing about Naughty Dog games is groundbreaking from a pure gameplay point of view, they are distinctively average in this sense, which is why for me they are not a world class dev team. God Of War was miles better then anything Naughty Dog have made, in my opinion of course.

God Of War 2 is the real gem to wait for. But alas, I’ll wait and see how The Last Of Us 2 plays out as I’ll definitely play it, but with lower expectations then the rest of the gaming world.

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Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger
I bought Resident Evil 4 for Nintendo Switch, as it’s on sale for £14.99 (that’s the price it should have been from the start mind) and I finished the main story yesterday at just over 20 hours.

It’s been a few years since I played it and what has shocked me is how good it is even now. It’s fantastic, playing it mostly in handheld mode, where the old textures don’t look so bad on the small screen, graphically I think it held up just fine considering how old it is.

Also, I used a pair of headphones and never really appreciated the sound design until now. I’ve been reading the rumours of the remake and I honestly don’t think it needs one. I mean the game is pretty much perfect and is without doubt the best action game I’ve ever played. The only flaw for me is the fiddly inventory system but I’m not sure how they could have changed that.

The set pieces, the boss battles, the variation, the weapons, it really is a masterpiece. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the remake rumours, because if it’s true it’s going to be very interesting to see how Capcom handle it.

GC: We agree with all of that.

Justice bundle
I’m sure many readers are aware of what is going on in the world now, and related to that is doing a bundle (for a minimum of $5) that donates to Black Lives Matter and a bail fund.

The bundle is very impressive, though, and they keep adding to it. On Monday it contained 743 items, Tuesday 1,000, and Wednesday morning it now has 1,427!

Of course, not all of them are interesting. Some are asset packs for game development, some are productivity tools, there are a few bits of game development software, some tabletop games, but the vast majority are video games.

This includes:

  • Overland
  • Night in the Woods
  • Minit
  • Celeste
  • Nuclear Throne

And a hell of a lot of others. It’s definitely extremely good value!
Joseph Dowland

Made in China
I was watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for the first time in years and I forgot how brilliant the film actually is. The action, the story, the romance, the music! And it hit me how few games are based in China and in the Qing dynasty era and it’s strange as there’s so much you could do with it – plus the martial arts and flying are so cool!

BioWare’s Jade Empire, Shenmue, and the awful video game adaptation of the aforementioned film are the only games that immediately spring to mind, maybe you can highlight more? But either way on next gen I’d like to see a Jade Empire sequel or reboot/remake as the first was absolutely brilliant, and it would properly flush out the bad taste of Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda if it was done well. The game would require improvements in the combat, but it had a great story and that I would love revisit the world they created.

GC: The problem is that there aren’t many Chinese developers creating content that gets released in the West. There are a number of titles based around the Three Kingdoms era, from Dynasty Warriors to Total War, but that’s centuries before the Qing dynasty.

Servers don’t grow on trees
As GC point out that most Xbox games run on Xbox servers, doesn’t that mean it would be even easier to make online play free on Microsoft’s side?

It means they’d have the potential to have a huge online player base. More players means more customers, more customers means that DLC would be appealing to a wider audience. More DLC sold means more revenue.

Online play started on PC where it was and still is free. And don’t Xbox games run on PC too?
Handsome Dan Wolfshead

GC: Our point was that since Microsoft do maintain the servers for the majority of games you are at least getting some amount of value for money. And Xbox games don’t run on PC per se, they’re specific PC versions.

Optional expenses
Never mind the £599 price, I think the biggest thing from the Amazon listing is that there could be a 2TB PlayStation 5, as up to now (prior to whatever is shown on Thursday) the only configuration announced is 825GB.

And to be fair the tech in this thing is very advanced, so having a 2TB option would very likely make a £599 price a reality and gives further hope that a lessor memory option would bring the price down to within the £400 range.

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Lazy leak
I really hope that Amazon price listing is not real because a £600 PlayStation 5 is going to go down like a lead balloon. I mean, I guess it could be a more expensive model with the 2TB hard drive, but wouldn’t that mean the standard model is still £500? £450 at an absolute minimum? I dunno, right now it just seems like too much.

It’s also the latest in an endless example of needless leaks that companies really should have got a grip on by now. I mean who at Amazon thought it was a good idea to add these listings and not be ultra careful about whether they put them live/made them visible.

Like, I’m assuming the person that did worked in the video games department and understood how important all this stuff was. I can’t imagine they have the guy from the pets department, or whatever do it, so how an earth does a mistake like this get made?

At least The Last Of Us Part 2 leak was the result of a really complicated hack by fans, this was just a company being lazy and careless. I wouldn’t be surprised if it made Sony announce the price earlier than they were intended, which in turn gives a big advantage to Microsoft going second. I smell a lawsuit coming…

Inbox also-rans
There is a free mystery game on PC on Epic Games Store from today at 4pm.
Andrew J.

Shouldn’t it be second person perspective? There’s you and there’s the character you are controlling. A third person perspective would be someone watching you play.
Ali K

GC: The concepts are based on grammatical terms, based on whether a word is indicating the speaker (first person), whoever they’re talking to (second person), or a someone else (third person). So a second person game would be seen from the perspective of whoever you’re interacting with. That’s obviously impractical for most games but there are a few examples, such as short sections in Battletoads and MDK, where you see the action from the perspective of whoever you’re fighting.

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With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X now just months away from release, and already rumours of the return of numerous franchises – from Fable to Demon’s Souls – what old video game series would you most like to see get a sequel, reboot or remake?

The game can be as obscure as you like, as long as it hasn’t had any kind of new release this generation. Why do you want to see it return and what do you think are the chances it actually will?

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