Games Inbox: Could a Game Of Thrones video game change the ending?

The evening Inbox doesn’t understand why Activision doesn’t make more games, as one reader asks after Super Bombad Racing.

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Change the ending

Interesting that they’re making a Peaky Blinders and Doctor Who game. I can’t say I’ve properly watched either series but with Game Of Thrones ending I am surprised that more effort isn’t made to make TV tie-ins. A movie comes and goes in a few weeks, so it must be a nightmare to know whether it’s worth doing a film and if it’s going to be a hit. Even something like the MCU you’d already be three or four movies further down the line before anything came out.

But Game Of Thrones has been going on for eight years, so there really should’ve been time then. I know people have already suggested that there should be games based on the spin-offs, and I’m sure there’s a good chance of that, but I’d like them to do a game based on the original so that we can end it how we want.

Surely that’s one of the main benefits of being a video game? I don’t mean lame Telltale style moral decisions but actually being in charge of the strategic decisions and armies. Total War sounds like it would fit it really well, but I don’t have a PC and they don’t have the licence so that doesn’t really help. It’d be very happy if Microsoft announced something this E3 though.


Taking the Sega

Team Sonic Racing turned out just as expected then. Sad to see how the amount of Sega references have slowly been filtered out of the series since it started, first removing it from the name and now taking them out of the game entirely. Surely I’m not the only one who avoided Sonic and his awful friends as much as possible in the other games, and they were the only ones I wasn’t interested?

I realise it’s not new news but the Sega of old is truly dead. But it’s upsetting to see it proven with each new game and decision they make. I always read the Total War games are good but they seem so unlike anything I’d expect from the Sega of old. And since I don’t have a gaming PC I can’t play them even if I’d want to (I probably would give it a go).

I’m not sure there’s much point hoping they’ll announce some major retro sequel at E3 this year but I always live in hope. There’s always Street Of Rage 4, I suppose, but the decidedly non-Sega style graphics already puts me off that.

GC: They have the Mega Drive Mini, but that’s all.


Last in line

I kind of feel sorry for Rage 2. Nobody seemed to really care about it from the start and while it got very similar scores to Days Gone it’s done much worse, despite being multiformat. I don’t think it was so much that it was too samey but that it was just the latest in a long line of samey games. If Days Gone had swapped release dates with it, I’m willing to bet Sony’s game wouldn’t have done nearly as well.

It’s another unfortunate loss for Bethesda though, who are looking to be in a really weak position right now. All their recent games have been flops and the only major thing I know they have coming out soon is Doom Eternal, which I don’t think is ever going to be that big.

Will be very interested to see what they do at this E3 because they’ll know they have to come out all guns blazing. I hope they manage a turn around but I fear I’m soon going to be reading a story about layoffs or buyouts in the near feature.


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Hard money

Interesting to read about the Doctor Who VR game and that it’s a British developer making games based on British TV shows. I’m not sure that’s the route I would’ve gone if I was trying to make easy money, but good on them. Not even a big Doctor Who fan but now I think of it the Weeping Angels would work great in VR, and the TARDIS itself.

The London Heist is still one of the best VR experiences I’ve had too, so I’m very interested to see how that evolves in other games and the sequel. I very much hope that streaming doesn’t slow down the progress that’s being made with VR at the moment, as to me it’s the most exciting area of video games at the moment.

The headsets are already very good quality and all the they need to do is become permanently cheap and they’ll be just a standard part of gaming equipment, like a joypad. Or at least that’s my hope anyway.
PS: Did you get an Oculus Quest in the end? Would be interested to know your thoughts on it.

GC: Yes, we have an Oculus Quest now and will be doing a feature on it shortly.


For later use

I don’t think Microsoft expect Gears 5 to sell really. I’m surprise they’re really bothering with it to be honest, given the state of the Xbox One exclusive line-up lately and that’ll be it’s last Christmas. I’m going to predict that the main reason they’re doing it is so they can release a remastered version for the Xbox Two.

Considering they only bought a lot of the companies last year I think people are going to be disappointed if they think the Xbox Two is suddenly going to launch with half a dozen AAA games. It’s going to be slow going I reckon, and Gears 5 will be one of the things used to tide people over.


Inside name

So I read that Sony’s PlayStation division were taken by surprise by the Microsoft announcement too, which seems interesting. Seems like it really is a high level tech deal and had nothing to really do with the competing game divisions. Which problems means that it’ll be business as usual between Xbox and PlayStation, in terms of being straight rivals.

Will be very interesting to see if Microsoft can talk Nintendo into using their servers as well. There’s no reason not, as it doesn’t require any hardware power, but it does mean that all three console makers would be using the same cloud technology and only Google Stadia would be truly independent.

I’m not sure any of that really matters. As long as it works that’s all most people are going to care about. I mean, it’s the same one or two companies that makes all the important chips in a console but nobody cares about that either. Still strange to think of though.


So good it’s good

Surely the ‘worst’ game GC loves is Deadly Premonition? It is awful when viewed purely on its technical expertise but like GC I think it is awesome and was worthy of the 8/10 it received.

I am glad GC championed this game as I would not have played it if they had reviewed it purely on a technical level, like a number of other reviewers did.

GC: We’re glad you enjoyed it. In the end even the technical limitations are really a net benefit, in terms of adding to the atmosphere.


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Parttime publisher

Someone was asking just the other day what Activision does if Call Of Duty ever gets in trouble and I think we’re seeing the answer. It’s crazy that such a big, profitable company like Activision can get themselves into this position where they’re relying on just one franchise. I mean, okay, if Destiny isn’t making as much money as you thought then ditch it but maybe wait until you have a replacement? Isn’t less money than you thought better than no money?

Is there any chance they’ll announce something new at E3 next month? It is very hard to understand how some of these publishers think and there’s already talk of Treyarch having to do forced overtime and everything to get Black Ops 5 finished on time and everything.

Time and time again we see companies make all these weird, self-destructive decisions where if they just sat down and made some new games, and tried to make sure they were good, their problems would be solved. How is it that the second biggest games publisher in the world barely makes any games?

GC: They don’t have a stand at E3 this year and as far as we know are not showing anything other than Crash Team Racing and maybe the new Call Of Duty.


Inbox also-rans

I never cared about Halo. Always looked boring to me. I think Microsoft are going to have a hard time winning people over if that’s their killer app still. It’s not 2001 anymore.

What was the Star Wars Mario Kart clone?

GC: It was called Super Bombad Racing…


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