Games Inbox: What needs to change for Battlefield 6?

The Morning Inbox works out how many disks Red Dead II would be on the Amiga, as one reader calls Darksiders the best Zelda never made.

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Losing the war

I’ve got to agree with those saying that Battlefield is going to be in big trouble when Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for DICE either as the series is at a total low ebb at the moment and there’s no sign of a new game on the horizon. I can’t blame Activision for going for the jugular though, because EA has been trying to dethrone Call Of Duty for years, and probably would’ve managed it if the launch of Battlefield 3 hadn’t been such a disaster.

Now though, I don’t know what they do to get themselves back in the game. Part of the problem is that Battlefield has been trying to get more like Call Of Duty for years, which is part of what allowed Activision to close the gap. Plus Call Of Duty has always had the best gunplay, so when there’s less differences between the two games that becomes important.

What DICE need to do with Battlefield 6 is get back to the sandbox style of the early games and stop trying to copy Call Of Duty. They need to move away from it as much as possible and emphasise the vehicles and the squads and the classes. Those are things Call Of Duty will probably never have and Battlefield needs to double down on that.

Problem is they’re probably going to do Bad Company 2 which is pretty much the opposite of those things, at least in terms of the importance of the story campaign. They need to get something out soon to make people forget Battlefield V, but then again they can’t afford to rush this and get things wrong.


A storm is coming

So I see American politicians have started blaming video games for the mass shootings over the weekend. Do they not realise games are available in other countries too, where this never happens? Of course it’s all just an excuse because they don’t want to get rid of guns but I’m worried this could all end up have a really bad effect on games.

Call Of Duty has already been mentioned in one of the shooter’s ‘manifestos’ and as we’ve already seen Modern Warfare is looking to be purposeful controversial with the levels of violence, with civilians in the firing line and all the stuff about mustard-gassing playgrounds. That all sounded bad enough at the time but with real world shootings as well… I can see America trying to ban it or censor it. And while technically that doesn’t affect us you can bet there’ll be a knock-on effect the world over.

While Activision are clearly just doing this to be controversial, that still doesn’t mean censorship is good. This whole thing is going to get very messy…


Three choices

Good to know that Capcom has another Resident Evil far enough along that it needs playtesting for fans, but try as I might I can’t figure out what option is more likely: Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 8, or something else. I bet Resident Evil 3 was greenlit the second the last remake was a success so it’s a question of when not if, but I’d also assume that Resident Evil 8 began even earlier. But what they have had a rethink once they saw how popular Resident Evil 2 was – because I bet it was originally supposed to be first person.

And then there’s the possibility of it being a spin-off. Capcom seem to have a thing for trying to turn Resi in to a co-op or multiplayer shooter and somehow I doubt they’ve given up yet. Something new like that would also be the best reason for needing existing fans to come look at it, as they must surely know what’s expected for Resident Evil 3 already.

So… by the slimmest of margins I think it’s most likely to be Resident Evil 8. I like the idea of alternating sequels with remakes so let’s see if that’s what gets announced.


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Amiga moment

The Reader’s Feature on next gen milestones in the journey of gaming was very interesting. When they mentioned Red Dead Redemption’s size, it shows how far we have come indeed. Red Dead Redemption, if it was on the Amiga, would be approximately 113,637 floppy disks (880kb per disk).

Imagine laying out that many disks in the room while playing and being asked to ‘insert disk 100,000 to continue.’

Speaking of Amiga, that was one of my gaming milestones. My cousin had just received an Amiga 600 for his birthday. It was the Wild, Weird and Wicked Pack. Playing on it and seeing the likes of MicroProse Grand Prix, Deluxe Paint 3, and Goal! It was hard to return home to my faithful Amstrad CPC 464 with a monochrome display. It just seemed archaic in comparison.

I became an Amiga fan immediately, even buying the magazines and building up a collection of demos and software before I eventually received an Amiga 1200. What a machine!
Commodore Fan


Joke release

The Outer Worlds is sounding pretty good every time I hear about it, although it has got a terrible release date and I really don’t know what they’re thinking with that. As someone that remembers the original two Fallout games I really don’t understand why Bethesda took out all the dark humour

Modern Fallout can have jokes in it but it’s usually pretty mild stuff, whereas the originals were actually really funny. I’m going to assume it was a mixture of wanting the game to seem grim ‘n’ gritty (Fallout 3 was peak Xbox 360 era after all) and, I guess, nobody at Bethesda being that good at comedy?

Although New Vegas wasn’t that funny either so I guess they told Obsidian not to crack any jokes either. Still, they did release Fallout 76… now that was funny!


Too much money

Is it just me but does every open world game… well, ever have a poorly implemented economy? You start off with barely any money for a few hours, before hitting the sweet spot where you’re earning steadily enough to buy what’s appropriate for the campaign, before then reaching the point that you earn so much money that you no longer need to look for hidden loot/treasure in the game world or do side missions or whatever and are able to just buy all of the weapons/items there are outright.

This seems to be the case with all of the Japanese role-playing games I’ve played, along with the GTA games. The most recent example being Red Dead Redemption II, which I personally felt gave you plenty of satisfying ways to earn money, with genuinely enjoyable ways to spend it, but of course it hit the part where you’ve so much money that all incentives disappear.

Can anyone think of an example of a game that had a more consistent economy?


Bulk currency

Got an email from Sony promoting a Lemmings mobile game. Thought I would give it a go and it’s harmless fun.

However, the in-app purchases are not with a top price item of £90.99. I just can’t get my head round why anyone would actually pay this, but unfortunately they must.

GC: As ever, the most expensive purchases aren’t for anything specific, just in-game currency.


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Annoying helpers

Whilst I agree with Matt U that Ōkami is indeed a beautiful game, I have to disagree with his claim that it’s the greatest Legend Of Zelda game never made. That honour goes to the first Darksiders in my humble opinion.

Ōkami’s paintbrush gimmick never really gelled with me, even with motion controls on the original Wii. And seeing as I dislike playing the Switch in handheld mode, even the perfect use of touchscreen swiping was lost on me (I would assume that that touchscreen swiping was available on the Switch version as I didn’t buy it, if it wasn’t it’s a massive missed opportunity for lovers of portable gaming). The ‘gibber-gabber’ voices were quite jarring and Issun remains, to this day, one of the most annoying video game characters of all time. Otherwise I did thoroughly enjoy the process of Ōkami, if not its aesthetic.

Darksiders on the other hand was Zelda in all but visuals. It had a compelling story in War’s plight to clear his name, dungeons galore, a chain hook, a rather formidable boomerang weapon, a horse to ride and the bosses were awesome in their design and execution. The game world was big but not too big that one became lost, and the visual design and lore of the world was so very compelling. It’s just a shame that its sequels didn’t continue the formula (even though Death IS a great character).

I understand Matt U’s love for Ōkami and I am not trying to displace that love, but I would urge him to play Darksiders if he hasn’t already in the hope that he can see and enjoy another great Zelda-like.
Phil Spearpoint

GC: We prefer Ōkami overall, but the idea that anyone finds Navi annoying but not Issun impossible to us.


Inbox also-rans

So there’s been a lot of Advance Wars style games this year, GC, but which one is your favourite? I’m guessing it’s not Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

GC: It’s Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble. Wargroove is technically a better game but we still find the overly large maps unwieldy.

Am I going crazy but was Haggar not in Street Fighter IV? Why would they add the new characters without first getting all the playable mains in?

GC: He’s been in Marvel Vs. Capcom but not Street Fighter, which is odd now you come to mention it.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cranston, who asks who’s your favourite video game villain?

No matter what game they’re from what bad guy do you love to hate the most? It can be anything from the main villain of the story to a cannon fodder grunt, but we want to know which one you have the strongest feelings about – whether it’s an enemy that makes an impression through the storyline or purely the gameplay.

What makes a memorable video game enemy and do they need a complex backstory or is it enough for them to just be a dangerous in-game foe?

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