Games Inbox: What’s the best Star Wars video game?

The Monday Inbox asks when the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare review will be ready, as at least one reader calls for a Snatcher remake.

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Best Wars

Interesting Hot Topic at the weekend, as usual, but the one that caught my eye was someone asking for Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game, but it’s a long way down my list of Star Wars games I’d like to see get a remake. X-Wing/TIE Fighter, Knights Of The Old Republic, Rogue Squadron, Republic Commando… there’ve been so many great game that are basically left hanging because Disney has so little interest in games.

And yet they did do that out-of-nowhere Jedi Outcast remaster so I guess someone remembers they still have the rights. I have no idea what that was in aid of but the one I’d most like to see remade is the first Dark Forces, when you weren’t a Jedi and it was just blasters. I loved that game and it was well ahead of its time in terms of tech, but there’s been nothing since that’s had the same sort of grounded combat except for Battlefront which is all multiplayer.

I would imagine a remake is very unlikely but I hope one day there’s something similar, perhaps something based on The Mandalorian. I always like the non-Jedi stuff best in Star Wars and I guess that influences what I think is the best Star Wars game. But I really think Dark Forces is an underrated first person shooter beyond just that.


Post-launch review

Not owning a PlayStation 4 (or planning to get one or its successor) I wasn’t really following the whole Death Stranding thing but while cruising Spotify I saw a new track on my release radar by the band Chvrches called Death Stranding: Timefall. ‘Original music from the world of Death Stranding’, reads the cover. As far as Chvrches music goes, it sounds pretty good to me.

At present there doesn’t appear to be anymore tracks on the album but there is an official Death Stranding playlist which is supposed to be by the creators and includes tracks from the soundtrack, trailers, and other songs inspired by the game.
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GC: On what basis have you already ruled out the PlayStation 5? And yes, there’s a lot of licensed music in Death Stranding.


Post-launch review

After your review of Ghost Recon Breakpoint I decided not to purchase it even though I like Wildlands. However, a couple of friends decided to buy it and eventually persuaded me to buy it. And I’ve enjoyed it so far.

Yes, it has issues with the artificial intelligence and the bugs (I had a great moment when a helicopter exploded in mid-air but didn’t fall to the ground!) but I am enjoying it and would ask other readers of GC not to dismiss it because of the reviews. If you liked Wildlands I think there’s good chance you’ll enjoy it
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PS: When will your review of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare be out? It looks great from the trailers.

GC: Activision isn’t sending review copies out early, so we’re not sure.


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Vested interest

RE: The Reader’s Feature about the gambling in NBA 2K20. I feel it’s worth pointing out that PEGI, which does the age ratings on games, is a body set up by the games industry itself.

It’s not far from asking 2K to rate their own game: of course they aren’t going to admit it’s gambling!
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GC: The larger controversy is that they gave Pokémon a 12 rating because it featured gambling but said that NBA doesn’t count.


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