Games Inbox: What’s your most anticipated video game at the moment?

The Evening Inbox wonders if Switch Lite means the end of Nintendo Labo, as one reader reveals he spent 823 days playing World Of Warcraft.

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Giving up early

Having caught up with literally everything that I’ve wanted to play on the current gen over the past couple of years, for the first time I’m experiencing the summer gaming drought and I’m really feeling it. Looking at the games release schedule too there is nothing that on first glance I’m that interested in (unless of course there are glowing reviews) until GRID on 13th September and then even beyond that there isn’t much that I can really get excited about either, possibly Watch Dogs: Legion in March 2020!

Even then I’m not sure I am going to bother – in my line of work I have a lot on involvement with Brexit at a government level so I’m not really excited about playing a game set in a dystopian vision of Britain, which will inevitably feature some sort of commentary relating to Brexit which will ultimately be nothing more than cliched lazy writing.
Rickandrolla (PSN ID)

GC: August is certainly looking rather dry, but generally we’d agree with others that this has been the least severe summer games drought for a long time. But then you seem to be pre-judging both the line-up and the content of the games without any obvious cause – Watch Dogs: Legion hasn’t mentioned Brexit at all yet, in any of its footage, it’s just known to be part of the backstory.


Sufficient weight

Interesting to note that the Switch Lite won’t work with Labo, since the Lite seems to be the version that most children will end up with (from Xmas 2019 onwards) and Labo’s target audience is kids.

I suppose you could buy extra Joy-Cons and still use some of the kits, but certainly not the VR kit. It leaves me wondering what Nintendo will do next with Labo. They never seemed to fully throw their weight behind it, in my opinion. It’s a shame because it really did seem very innovative.

GC: We’re not sure how much more weight they could’ve given, for a cardboard construction toy that was of little to no interest to their core audience of gamers. We would’ve been surprised if there was another Labo set even before the annoucement of Switch Lite, now it seems even more unlikely.


Alive and kicking

Interesting to hear the comments raised by reader Royston about Destiny 2, which has compelled me to write in for the first time in a few years.

Destiny 2 is probably in the best place it’s ever been. Last year’s release of Forsaken was an excellent update to the series. This has been followed by three seasons of content (whilst season six wasn’t great) and the latest Season of Opulence, has been well received by fans and critics. In fact, Bungie recently won a Game Critics Award Best of E3 2019 for Best Ongoing Game.

In terms of new announcements, the Destiny 2 Year 3 update is coming this September, called Shadowkeep which will include Destiny 2 going free to play across all platforms, with newer seasons being made available to buy à la carte.

I understand cost is a factor, I’m essentially paying a £40 per year sub to play the game content, along with a subscription to console online services but I’d encourage any Destiny players who have been away for a while take another look.


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Actual days

While I wouldn’t exactly say I regret playing World Of Warcraft but I would say that I regret the actual amount of hours I put into it. I was initially late to the party and didn’t start until The Burning Crusade released in 2007 and quit in 2016, so I played a total of 823 actual days out of 3,200 actual days.

Behold the ex-World Of Warcraft addict’s playtime (clean for three years and counting).
Stickyuk (BattleNet)
Currently playing: Earthbound (SNES-MSU1)


So good it’s good

A late entry to the weekend Hot Topic. The game I wasted too much time on was Deadly Premonition. I thought it sounded awesome: open world investigating for clues, loads of scary weird stuff going on. It basically sounded like the sort of game I would want to make.

I’d read the graphics weren’t great but thought I could easily overlook that. But my god the controls were awful. I love things that are ‘so bad they are good’ so was looking forward to the game but I couldn’t get over the controls at all which is a shame.
Will N

GC: Any review worth its salt mentioned the wonky controls. Deadly Premonition isn’t so bad it’s good, it’s just not perfect.


Less than perfect

I’ve received a very modest tax rebate today and decided to buy an Xbox 360 with it. The thing is I already owned the console several times, along with pretty much every game available for the system that got an 8/10 or higher, so I was wondering if GC or any readers could recommend flawed but enjoyable games (anything non-sport or racing games please).

I’m after hidden gems or games that didn’t review particularly well but had some great ideas or fun enough gameplay that it’d be worth paying a few quid for, but not full price (I’ve already got my eye on the game Wet which fits the bill and is only £1 from CeX).

Thanks in advance!

GC: Well, since it’s just been mentioned, Deadly Premonition?


Prime bargain

For those that who have never bought/owned the Sony PlayStation Classic mini console it’s just to let you all know Amazon currently have it on a two-day sale ending tomorrow night for just £15.99 and free delivery (for Prime members only though)!

Now I know it’s not been well received since launch and has many faults, but surely for this low crazy price it’s now worth a punt? I mean what can you get nowadays for less than £16?

GC: You’ll still probably be disappointed, but yeah, for that price the nostalgia hit alone is worth it.


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Legendary effort

I’ve finally done it!

Almost two and a half years after it’s release and after over 290 hours of play time, I’ve now completed (what most to consider to be) 100% of The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild!

Having completed all 120 shrines, finishing all the side quests, finding and upgrading all of the equipment, seeing all of the memories, unlocking the elusive 100% of the map and yes; even finding all 900 koroks, I can happily say I feel I’ve rinsed the game of all of it’s objectives.

The purchase of the download content really helped to reignite interest in the game again, after having finished the main quests and finding over half of the koroks.

It seems almost impossible to do all of the above without the help of online guides and interactive maps without spending even more hundreds, if not thousands, of hours to do so. It was still great finding and figuring out the environmental puzzle for each of the koroks and the sense of exploration you got traversing the wilds of the game.

Even at the end, after spending so long playing, I noticed tiny details which only Nintendo seem to be able to do. For example, the missing stones in the korok puzzles always point in the direction where the missing rock is. I’d done loads of them and only noticed it in the final ones did!

It thoroughly deserves the 10/10 it got from GameCentral and I for one consider it one of, if not the, best game ever on account of it being the game I’ve played the most in all my gaming days.
Paul Conry


Inbox also-rans

Woof, there goes Rage 2 down into the bargain bins, just as you would expect. Don’t know what Bethesda were thinking with that one, it had flop written all over it even before the mediocre reviews.

As I do the majority of my Switch gaming portably, I probably would have bought the Lite version if it was available at the time. As it stands, I will not be buying a Lite as I already have the standard version.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Gannet, who asks what video game franchise have you been playing the longest?

What series do you have the longest history with and what was the first and most recent entry you’ve played? Do you consider yourself a long-time fan of the series or is it simply that most of the games are high quality?

How many entries have you played and do you own any related merchandise? Do you consider yourself to be loyal to the franchise and do you always plan to buy new games, even when they’re spin-offs, if they’re part of the series?

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