Games Inbox: Will Cyberpunk 2077 be the biggest game of 2020?

The Wednesday Inbox isn’t sure what to think about the Switch Mini rumours, as one reader admits to not liking Alan Wake.

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A real contender

That’s pretty wild for CD Projekt to say they’re already working on two new Cyberpunk games and one of them is their next big project. I almost wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t from a business thing, you’d think they’d want to announce it with a bit more fanfare than that. Still, it’s obvious they know it’s going to be a massive hit so, considering I’m really hyped for it, I’m perfectly happy.

It started think that it makes it obvious that Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the biggest game of next year, but then I realised what else was out and I wasn’t so sure. You’ve got Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers out in the spring as well, beyond whatever’s going to get announced for Christmas. A lot of that will be next gen, presumably, so its sales will be limited to the new formats but I still think there’s a good chance Cyberpunk will be the biggest.

I’m sure it’ll sell but I don’t think Avengers will do anything close to what is being expected, as it already seems confusing and muddled. Either that or they didn’t explain it near enough well. Final Fantasy is a real contender though. They’re such different games, despite both technically being role-playing games, I really don’t know which will come out top.

For me Final Fantasy is just a bit too weird and Japanese for my tastes so I’m going to bet on Cyberpunk!


Splashing out

Having just read your article about Sony’s intention to buy even more gaming companies I was left with a bit of a sinking feeling in my stomach as I feel this model is not consumer friendly. As more and more independent gaming companies are hoovered up, the actual choice of available new content will drop unless one is prepared to splash out on two or more consoles/services.

Presumably part of the thinking is to reduce the attractiveness of the Stadia proposition by reducing their potential games catalogue, but theoretically there is no reason that Google couldn’t decide to fight back and start their own portfolio of gaming companies.

Taking this situation to extremes and it is obvious that only the consumer will suffer,
FascistJohnboy (gamertag)


The power of Nintendo

I’m responding to the reader letter titled ‘Left Behind’ which talked about how Nintendo are in danger is being left behind in the next generation console power race.

It’s clear to me that Nintendo have avoided getting involved in such matters ever since the Wii launched. Their focus has always been innovation in other ways, sometimes it doesn’t work (Wii U) but most of the time it is hugely successful (Wii, Game Boy, DS, and now the Switch).

Nintendo’s proposition and focus is all about making amazing games and supporting the platform to play them. With the Switch they have landed on a market no one really knew was there, and it’s huge. This is classic Nintendo and the whole industry is all the better for it.

Do you need to worry about Nintendo? I really don’t think so. They are a company steeped in a history of innovation and have proved they are not afraid to take risks. And those games, wow, some of the best you will ever play regardless of computing power.

As long as the power Nintendo are concerned with is that of their imagination then I’ll be happy.


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Putting you off

Have to say I’m finding the persistent rumours of the possible new Nintendo Switch consoles very frustrating.

I told myself when it released that I wouldn’t buy a Switch until I was sure there was enough games on it I definitely wanted to play. I feel like I’m there now, but the continued rumours are stopping me from pulling the trigger.

I don’t necessarily want a smaller, handheld only one but if I bought the current model and a more powerful redesign released a few months down the line I would be pretty irritated, especially as I’ve held off buying one for so long.

I must admit I don’t really keep up with sales figures, etc. but I’m wondering if the uncertainty around this might be costing sales at the moment. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time Nintendo confirmed whether or not it’s going to happen?

GC: The Switch has been the best-selling console in America and Japan this year. Rumours like that don’t affect ordinary sales, but If it helps most whispers suggest the Switch Pro, or whatever it’ll be called, won’t be out until next year.


The next show

I’ve been enjoying reading everyone’s opinions on E3 announcements in the Games Inbox and GC’s E3 interviews and gameplay previews. This has got me thinking about what we can expect to see at Gamescom next month.

If I remember correctly, Gamescom usually has fewer game announcements/reveals than E3 but am I right in thinking there are more hands-on demos to make up for this?

We know the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay is going to be released to the public during Gamescom, so we’ve got that to look forward to, but it’d be great to see gameplay of other games that weren’t shown to the public too.

Surely Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Gears 5 will be showing more gameplay there, as both have had some criticism come their way for the poor choice or complete lack of gameplay, respectively, shown at E3 and are out pretty soon after Gamescom.

What else would people like to see more of at Gamescom? Marvel’s Avengers is another one I can think of. And Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, as that looked stunning.

GC: Publisher attendance at Gamescom seems even patchier than E3 so far, but we’ll have to see.


Presentational issues

Great Baldur’s Gate III interview, GC. Have to admit my initial concerns would be on the presentation of the new game. Still enjoy playing through Baldur’s Gate II and other similar style games, like Pillars Of Eternity. Having dabbled a bit in Divinity: Original Sin it does have a similar look and style, which suggests Baldur’s Gate III will be in the traditional style as opposed to an open word dungeon crawler like Dragon Age.

Given its early, presumably, developmental stage I can forgive a pre-rendered 3D style trailer, I just wish there had been some suggestion or affirmation of the presentation and style. Guess it’s a mild use of Inbox magic and keeping those fingers crossed it turns out well.
ATBonfire (Facebook)/(WordPress)/around.the.bonfire (Instagram)

GC: Thanks. But a dungeon crawler is a very focused role-playing game with little or no story or puzzles, just combat – which doesn’t really describe Dragon Age.


No smoke without fire

Shall we all just wait until Nintendo officially announce a Mini Switch console instead of taking any notice of all of these Internet rumours? I don’t know about anybody else, but it’s a bit like having a friend who’s a compulsive liar. All of the fabricated stories, fibs, and rumours got boring a looooong time ago.
PS: On a more positive note I’m really looking forward to the new Contra game, good interview too.

GC: Knowing whether there’s a new model coming is an important piece of information for those contemplating buying a Switch.


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Falling Horizon

RE: Opinion on games changing over time for better or worse.

Regarding the game in question in the original letter, Hollow Knight, time has increased my estimation of the game. The pinpoint controls, brooding atmosphere, and Dark Souls-like challenge and reward keep me coming back. It’s a game I love to inhabit so I find its length and wealth of content are positives. All of the content is of a very high quality.

A game I do feel less about since my initial play and appraisal is Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s still a great game I enjoy but I put it in my top three for 2017, along with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and Resident Evil 7. The last two have gone up in my estimations but Horizon down and I don’t think it’s one of the games of the generation contenders now.

Still love the bombastic fights and also the origin story off the robots and Aloy, which is what kept me playing first time around. But the identikit, Ubisoft style icon-filled map, rinse and repeat collectathon core elements felt tired at the time and have withered further with time.

The game still looks breathtaking but its world’s beauty is skin deep, as there’s not a whole lot of secrets to be found aside from the aforementioned collectables, the cauldrons and power suit were great discoveries and I wished there where far more cool finds in the game like that.

The tribe story elements are terrible and it’s very annoying Aloy seems to be suffering from some kind of condition when not in the presence of clearly marked yellow grapple points.

A good game but lots of meh components to it.
Simundo Jones


Inbox also-rans

Will you be reviewing Gunlord-X? Came out just before E3 and going by the website it seems to have a fairly significantly amount of new content/features compared to the old Dreamcast version.
Lord Darkstorm

GC: It’s not on our radar, we have to admit.

Count me as someone that never liked Alan Wake either. The graphics were really good but it was just the same enemy encounters again and again. Got so boring by the end.


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