Games Inbox: Will you trade in your PS4 for a PS5?

The evening Inbox wishes there were more historical video games like Assassin’s Creed, as one wonders who Sanwa are.

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Sell now

Nice to see the next gen hype train has pulled out of the station and I agree that Sony seems to have made a good start to it all. My only concern is that the 8K stuff is probably an exaggeration and, as inevitable as it is, I already know I’m going to be sick of hearing about ray-tracing before the generation is even started.

But overall, very positive, they took the L when it came to backwards compatibility and now it’s already not an issue. What worries me though is the price. This thing is going to be expensive and at least as an expensive as a PlayStation 4. It’s just impossible for it to be otherwise given that hardware spec, unless Sony have suddenly become a charity.

I wonder if that’s half the reason for the backwards compatibility: that they know everyone is going to have to sell their PlayStation 4s, and probably other consoles, just to get it. I know I will and I’m thinking of doing it now while the getting is still good. Which in turn could be another reason not to have many games out this year.

I’m kind of used to doing that for new consoles but I do wonder how a new £400 machine is going to see as a prospective purchase next to these new subscription streaming services. If Goggle Stadia is, say, £10 a month that is going to seem like awfully tempting value for money for a lot of casual gamers…


That was the week that was

Well, it has been quite the week for hardware news, with the initial reaction to the PlayStation 5 being very positive (although the usual suspects were still moaning) and then we have Microsoft announcing the release and price of their disc drive-less Xbox One.

While the Sony PlayStation 5 talk has me excited and looking forward to hearing more, Microsoft, for me, are pushing me away from their products, with their games as a service approach and confusing hardware decisions (four different models of the same console!).

Also, why is the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition so expensive? Surely taking out the drive should make it cheaper? Microsoft really have dropped the ball this gen and I for one will be giving their next gen machine a wide berth until it has a decent selection of single-player exclusives. Unfortunately, I can only see them getting worse.


Wait and see

So they have revealed the PlayStation 5? Well, bits of it. 8K, SSD… that’s a lot of £££ for a 8K TV, never mind the console. And will there be a simple update for previous exclusives two run at 8K like Xbox did? Only time will tell.

Am I excited? Hell yeah! Will I buy the PlayStation 5? Hell yeah. Will I buy an 8K TV? Hell no. Have you seen the price of them? But gotta take my hat off two them, they’re thinking of a seven to 10 year lifespan. I’ll get one, stick with my 4K TV till 8K is around £3K. Is Microsoft going two spill the beans now? They gotta have a lot to beat that.

GC: It remains to be seen just how well the PlayStation 5 will support 8K. As one reader has already pointed out they may only be referring to movies or games under very specific conditions.


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The new Emotion Engine

Those PlayStation 5 specs certainly sounded next gen, but 8K? I only know a few people with 4K TVs, and even fewer that actually have access to 4K content. I feel that 8K and ray-tracing are the new buzzwords.

Does anyone else remember what Sony did following their runaway success in a previous console generation? They followed the PlayStation 2 up with the PlayStation 3, which cost an eye-watering £425. That’s still incredibly expensive for a console 12 years later.

At the time, Sony defended the cost by the inclusion of a Blu-ray drive, but they ultimately played catch up to the Xbox 360 because of that. I hope they’ve learnt their lesson, but we know how the video games industry goes…
PS: I presume Nintendo aren’t doing a Direct until E3 week now?

GC: It’s Nintendo, so who knows. There’s well over a month till E3 though, so some kind of pre-show Direct doesn’t seem impossible.


Sour taste

One thing I am concerned about going all digital, à la the disc-less Xbox, is not actually owning anything really. I mean, when my Internet goes down I cannot access my games I have bought (rented) on PlayStation 4.

I think I am going to go back to buying physical copies of games, I understand the disc-less console from the point of view of the console makers and devs, as it cuts out the pre-owned market, but it leaves a sour taste when a digital game is more expensive than an actual physical release.
Muppetfondler (PSN ID)


Historically disappointing

Props to Ubisoft for the Notre Dame contribution. Half a billion euros is not pocket change, even if the tax rebate for that is going to be enormous. I like how you didn’t point out that Assassin’s Creed Unity is easily the worst of the series, but I guess now is not the time for that, especially if they’re giving it away for free.

I hated the game, but I’ve got to say that the graphics and recreation of Paris were always very impressive and certainly do remember Notre Dame in it. It just makes me wish more than ever that we had more historical games. The fact that it’s only ever Assassin’s Creed has always been a shame and while they’ve gotten better again lately you get one new era every year or two and that’s it.

We talk a lot about how games companies are unimaginative and copy each other buy no one ever seems to try and copy Assassin’s Creed outside of the basic gameplay. Did it not occur to them that the historical aspect was part of the appeal too?


Tame and lame

I was glad to read Matc7884 giving some Last Jedi love. I have similar concerns with the new film trailer looking tame and lame in equal measure. Let’s hope we are wrong. I also thought the new game trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order looked equally asinine.

I feel the prequel films ruined the perception of the Jedi as sexless, personality bereft, manoeuvrable morons. Thanks George Lucas! I feel The Last Jedi and the standalone Solo and Rogue One films were trying to back away from these tropes. I would be more excited by a great bounty hunter/smuggler game. Hopefully involving the killing of some lame, pious Jedi into the bargain.
Lord Leaping Lynx

GC: Like we said, The Mandalorian sounds great.


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Built to last

Just a quick one GC, I’m very interested in the new Capcom console officially announced yesterday. However, the price can be a little bit off-putting. So what I want to know is are these full-size Sanwa joysticks and buttons the actual ones used in the original arcade cabinets back in the 90s? That were all plastered down the arcades in the seaside resorts, getting and taking all the hammer from everyone who put their money in?

Because if these are the actual joysticks then I’m thinking of pre-ordering one due to their durability/strength. I’ve googled the name Sanwa online but nothing really comes up with any relevant information, unless you want spare parts for one or buy one.

I remember not that long ago I bought a Classic Mini SNES and after purchasing it and playing Street Fighter II for only a few hours with my lads one of the Nintendo joypads broke, so I had to take it back to GAME for a refund as they had no more left in stock. It’s OK having all these replicas and all looking the same in design, etc. but I know for a fact the original SNES joypads back in the 90s, what I used to have, I had no problems at all with them whatsoever! It’s not as if we were throwing the Mini SNES joypads against the wall after every game.

Also, the amount of official PlayStation 4 joypads that always seem to go faulty with the left analogue stick with my lads, I personally blame the game Fortnite myself as I think they need to use the left analogue stick to run and because there always on the same game day and night, etc. If these Sanwa joysticks are the real deal then you can count me in as I won’t be afraid to use them playing the games with having no worries about them breaking.

GC: We only know as much as was revealed yesterday about the Capcom Home Arcade, but Sanwa’s arcade history goes back all the way to the ‘80s. Their controllers are used in many modern arcades and high-end home joysticks for companies like Mad Catz and QanBa – and just one of those can set you back up to £200.


Inbox also-rans

Can’t wait to see the Persona content tomorrow in Smash Bros. but why won’t they announce the game? Even if they do it a week later everyone in the mean time is going to just be going, ‘Who?’ Especially with a character called Joker.

Ha, I said the next gen consoles could be 8K and everyone mocked me.
captainbloodsnot (PSN ID)


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