Games Inbox: Would you buy a more powerful Switch Pro?

The Morning Inbox is still debating the pros and cons of Switch Lite, as another reader recommends the AtGames Mega Drive.

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New prediction

So now the Switch Lite has been announced my thoughts turn to the possible Pro version and if it’s worth waiting around for. My current thoughts are no for me.

I’ve little to interest in the Switch as a portable device, I just want to play Nintendo first party games on my TV. I feel a lot of any Pro enhancements would be related to the portable side. A 1080p screen and longer battery life seem likely improvements. In terms of the hardware running the games there’s not much Nintendo can do with the current innards of the Switch, faster clock speeds and bit more RAM, maybe. An Xbox One to Xbox One X like leap is not going to happen. More storage seems another likely boost.

I’m in no hurry to get a Switch so I’m happy to wait it out and see if a Pro materialises. If one does though I’m now not expecting it to happen until next year and when it does, I don’t think it’s going to blow my socks off in regards to improvements.
Simundo Jones


Removing temptation

Like many have reported here, I absolutely love Xbox Game Pass. However, it is really putting me off one thing: buying Indie games.

I love playing indies, but if I see one that is heavily discounted I think to myself I will purchase it, but I now seem to override myself and think that it will either be on Game Pass shortly, now it has been discounted so heavily, or end up being given away via Games with Gold. Case in point is Yoku’s Island Express, which was 67% off on Tuesday.

Should I feel bad for taking this view? More so yes than no, but at the same time the publisher will get paid from Microsoft based on the number of hours played or the duration the game will be on the service… or it might not end up on one of the services at all.

I should stress that I take this view with games where I’m sitting on the fence. I played the demo of Yoku’s Island Express and thought it was above average, but I didn’t enjoy it enough to take the plunge at full price.


Multiplayer story

Sound like the Until Dawn guys are doing some interesting things with their never game. To be honest I don’t even remember it being announced before so I’d say this is pretty much definitely on my radar now. Crazy that it’s getting those kind of hits on YouTube, but compared to something things at least it makes some kind of sense (in that it’s actually good).

Multiplayer story games should be a thing and I think it might have lifted some of the duller moments of Life Is Strange 2, which I admit has been a disappointment to me so far, to the point where I’ve kind of lost interest. I totally predict the return of Max and Chloe once they realise that the second game hasn’t done as well.

Oh, and another great interview by GC as well. I love how the developers always seem to really be into the discussion, even though you take some pretty serious pot-shots at their game along the way. There’s obvious respect there though and I think it shows in the honesty of the answers.

GC: Thanks.


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Child friendly

The upcoming Switch Lite is interesting to me because my Switch is being forever hijacked by my eight-year-old daughter. She loves the thing. When I showed her a picture of the new yellow one she was all over it. The result is that I’ll be pre-ordering one ASAP from Amazon and that’s Xmas sorted for one of ‘em.

Personally I’d like a Switch with a bigger screen. In fact, if they’d made the new one with an 8 inch screen I’d have probably given my daughter my Switch and bought a new one for myself.


Joyless con

I hope Nintendo have resolved the issue they have with the thumbsticks on the Joy-Cons as this console could end up being a headache for them.

My son is on his third set of Joy-Cons and tired of replacing them my partner contacted Nintendo to be told that we need a receipt for a replacement! After checking this fault out on the Net I found out I wasn’t the only person having this problem and that its either a design flaw or a bad batch. Nintendo should be recalling them and not asking for proof of purchase.

I would avoid this console as you can’t just ‘switch’ the Joy-Cons as they are integrated and if the fault occurs Nintendo will have your Switch in their hands more than you have it in yours! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

GC: They’re not really Joy-Cons anymore, since they’re just part of the console. The D-pad is definitely new, so hopefully the innards will be too.


Told you so

Most of the complaints regarding the Switch Lite seem to be missing the point entirely. Sure, it no longer ‘switches’, but for many the original Switch is just a little too pricey to buy for children who will probably break the fragile Joy-Cons – a replacement pair is £60. The Lite should be viewed as a Pokémon machine. It’s not a coincidence that it’s being released a few months before the new Pokémon games, because that is the target market.

Shameless plug, but I wrote a Reader’s Feature around Xmas discussing the future of the Switch and predicted a downgraded/dock-less Switch.


Go large

I’m pretty much in favour of a simplified Switch at a better price for parents, but £200 still seems fairly high…

I know everyone’s financial circumstances are different but I feel like if I was spending that much money I may as well stretch to another £80 for the full machine.


Gaming apparel

It may not count as gaming specifically but in terms of wider gaming culture, not to sound like a complete corporate shill but Uniqlo have been doing a great range of limited run Nintendo manga-themed shirts recently. Had a great Mario range a month or so ago, a Monster Hunter and Capcom series, and currently a Pokémon range of T-shirts are on sale.

For a fairly decent price to, picked up a few shirts from Nintendo World last year and the licensed shirts weren’t cheap, so surprised these were a good price. Anyway, who can say no to a black silhouette Pikachu shirt, especially when it comes in a pretty cool recyclable bag? They don’t tend to ever advertise and I only picked up on them from another blog I follow, so have to let all my fellow gamers know.
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Above minimum effort

I just want to say thanks to reader chickendave who earlier in the week recommended the AtGames Mega Drive at Argos, as they currently have it at a clearance sale price of £37.99.

AtGames’ retro consoles have come under a lot of criticism in the past so I have stayed clear and was waiting for the upcoming Mega Drive Mini in September.

Even at the sale price I wasn’t sure, but reading up a bit on the history (according to the Internet) is pretty interesting. It looks like AtGames was involved in the early work for the Mega Drive Mini but at some point stopped working on it. Without much fanfare the current AtGames Mega Drive was revised in 2019 by AtGames using some of the improvements being worked on for the Mega Drive Mini. The 2019 model in Argos now is a new one with better emulation, sound, design of the console, and screen filter. You can tell from the box whether it is the new model as it has the volume slider as part of the Mega Drive casing.

It has two wireless six button controllers, an SD card slot (usable with a firmware update referenced in the manual) as well as support for your old controllers and cartridges. These are all features that the upcoming Mega Drive Mini doesn’t have.

The controller even has a rewind button, which is just what you need when playing Sonic! You reviewed the new Mega Drive game Tanglewood in 2018, giving it a score of 8/10, so I downloaded the official demo ROM from the developer’s website, loaded it on the SD card and it runs like a dream.

All in all a decent little console that is giving me a big nostalgia fix and introducing my children to the delights of retro gaming!
Legal assassin


Inbox also-rans

With Lethal League Blaze finally coming to consoles this Friday, do you think you’ll be reviewing it? Been looking forward to it for a while now.

GC: We’ll be honest and say we’ve never heard of it before.

Was Super Mario super before his first appearance on the SNES?
Sven Kirby

GC: There were four Super Mario Bros. games on the NES, and a Game Boy title, before that. Prior to that he was just regular Mario, including in arcade game Mario Bros.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Hatton, who asks what video game do you most regret playing?

What game do you feel ended up being a waste of your time, regardless of how much you paid for it in the first place? Did you stop straight away and how often do you usually give a game before you give up on it?

Was the problem that you didn’t enjoy the gameplay or story, or was it too difficult or time consuming? Did you still finish the game and if not how often do you end up giving up on a video game before beating it – or at least spending a substantial amount of time on it?

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