Gaming Detail: V Can Leave A Message On Jackie Welles’ Phone After "The Incident" In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 might be on fire right now with bugs up the wazoo, but CD Projekt Red was able to include some impressive intricacies to its world and storytelling. V calling Jackie’s phone after a certain heist goes wrong is proof of the Polish studio’s commitment to character development.

Obviously, there are spoilers for Cyberpunk 2077 within this article, You have been warned. 

In a tragicand let’s be honest disappointing turn of events, the loveable Jackie Welles loses his life after the Arasaka heist goes wrong. He risks his own skin for the benefit of the two by putting the Relic inside his head. Now, V is left alone with no friends to call their own and two weeks to live. Upset, the protagonist calls their former best friend and leaves a message on the unsued phone line. You have four options.

  1. I talked with Misty
  2. Went to your funeral
  3. You’ll never guess what happened
  4. No, this is stupid.

I talked with Misty

V, in this message, discusses how they and Misty went to Jackie’s garage and saw his attempt at making a mandala. V calls it a piece of shit but acknowledges that Misty appreciates it. V also says, “Nice work” to their lost friend. The effort that Jackie put into making a mandala is exceptionally sweet of him as his partner Misty is a spiritual person. He was trying to make the effort and clumsily put a mandala together.


If you choose to send Jackie’s body to his family, you can attend his funeral. You see friends and family make speeches for Jackie about how tenacious and high-spirited he was. V explains that Mama Welles was tough, even though her heart is broken. He also goes into how Campa Orta showed their respect, and that at the funeral, there was a lot of warmth to the guy. V said, “Wish you could have seen it, Jack. I’m sure you would have liked it.”

You’ll never guess what happened

Through this call, we get a glimpse of how V is thinking. Through the span of a single day, they went through a lot. Losing their best friend, getting a hit on them from Dexter DeShawn, dying, and then coming back with a bug in their brain in the form of Johnny Silverhand. It’s a lot to take in and V describes it as a “goddamn movie plot” to Jackie. V tells him to hang tough and wonders where he is right now in the afterlife. Funnily enough, V mentions that Silverhand and Welles would never get along. The last line is quite ironic as V says that Jackie could “smell bullshit a mile off.” If he knew what would happen, Jackie would have never been as enthusiastic about joining Dexter.

No, this is stupid.

As this option points out, V stops the call and says that messaging their passed away friend is stupid. V hangs up, sounding beat up about the situation. They will never hear from Jackie ever again, and that fact probably dawns on V during this moment.

Despite Cyberpunk 2077 being delisted from the PlayStation Store, the game still holds an incredible amount of thoughtful detail. Under all the technical issues, we believe an outstanding game is lying underneath.

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