Genshin Impact: Best Builds For Nahida

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  • Off-Field Support Archon
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Genshin Impact players have been through a long journey to reach the fourth main area of the game, Sumeru. This nation of wisdom had the longest and mind-boggling storyline where the Travelers set on a journey to find out the truth about Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and the Scarlet King.

While you won't be able to find your twin here, the Dendro region will allow you to meet its adorable Archon, Nahida. She's a five-star Dendro character wielding a Catalyst. Hoyoverse paid a lot of attention to her abilities and overall design, and she can truly be called an Archon-worthy character.

Off-Field Support Archon

  • Weapons – A Thousand Floating Dreams, Mappa Mare, Magic Guide
  • Artifact – Gilded Dreams

Nahida is one of the few characters in the game that are easy to learn for beginners, but also hard to achieve her maximum potential even for veteran players. The nuances of her kit will have you rolling your eyes in confusion while you're trying to figure out the best builds and team composition.

One of the main problems with the off-field play style is the lack of energy regeneration. If a character gets the energy of their element when they're not on the field, the Energy Recharge is reduced significantly.

This problem is inherently solved for Nahida because she can get three Energy particles almost every second time she triggers the Tri-Karma Purification effect. This makes her one of the first characters to get more than five or six particles in one Skill.

Luckily, there's one build that's easy to understand and achieve, and it happens to be one of her best play styles as well. This refers to the off-field support of Nahida. All the weapons mentioned above fit perfectly for this build, and here's what they do:

Weapon NameReason For Use
A Thousand Floating DreamsThis is Nahida's signature weapon, and it provides her extra Elemental Mastery or Elemental DMG based on her party members. Since you'll mostly have party members with elements other than Dendro, this weapon will give you 30% Dendro DMG.

Furthermore, it also gives 40 Elemental Mastery to all your nearby party members, which helps your characters deal higher damage whenever an elemental reaction is triggered.

Mappa MareApart from giving you 110 Elemental Mastery as a base stat at the maximum level, you can get up to 32 percent Elemental DMG bonus at refinement five. Since it's a four-star craftable weapon, it's not hard to get its refinements even if you're free-to-play.
Magic GuideThis three-star weapon gives its wielder 187 Elemental Mastery and extra damage to opponents affected by Hydro and Electro. While this sounds a little niche, Quicken and Bloom teams are one of the best for Nahida, making this weapon usable.

At least one of the characters in your team needs to have a lot of Elemental Mastery, and since this build is based on Nahida not being on the field, you can give her all the EM in the world. Here's why this stat is so important on Nahida:

  • One of her passive talents increases the Elemental Mastery of the active character inside her Elemental Burst based on the character with the highest EM in the party. This increases the team's overall damage.
  • The second passive talent increases the damage dealt by the Tri-Karma Purification effect based on Nahida's Elemental Mastery. Since she'll be the character with the highest EM in this build, both of these passives will be used properly.

Similarly, Gilded Dreams will also provide additional Elemental Mastery to her. The four-piece for this set can provide up to 230 Elemental Mastery in the correct team.

Main DPS Nahida

  • Weapons – Kagura's Verity, Solar Pearl, The Widsith
  • Artifact – Deepwood Memories

It wouldn't be a character worthy to call an Archon if Nahida didn't have an on-field main DPS build. While this build is strong by itself, you can work on making it far better if you're a veteran at the game because of the possibilities.

Two of the three weapons mentioned above can be quite tricky to acquire if you're a free-to-play or low-spending player. This is because Kagura's Verity is a limited five-star weapon and Solar Pearl can only be acquired through the premium tier of the battle pass.

While The Widsith is not the best weapon for this build because of its irregularities, it can still suit Nahida. Here's what every weapon does in the DPS Nahida build:

Weapon NameReason For Use
Kagura's VerityThis signature weapon for Yae Miko can provide Nahida with up to 66.2 percent Crit DMG at the maximum level apart from giving her additional Elemental Skill DMG from the passive.

Nahida can get around 24 percent Crit Rate from the Awakening Elucidated passive, so Crit DMG is one of the priority stats on her for this build.

Solar PearlApart from giving you a bit of Crit Rate, the main reason to use this weapon in this build is its passive, since it provides extra Normal Attack, Elemental Skill, and Burst DMG. This buffs her entire kit while she's playing on-field.
The WidsithAs mentioned above, you can get any of the three stats from its passive at random, which makes the weapon a little inconsistent. Even so, this weapon is a great replacement for this build because all the buffs from its passive fit perfectly with Nahida's kit.

Apart from giving her an extra Dendro DMG Bonus, the four-piece Deepwood Memories artifact set also reduces the enemy's Dendro RES by 30 percent whenever you hit them with your Skill or Burst. This is vital for the build because you'll be dealing a lot of damage from Dendro reactions, and most of them deal extra Dendro DMG.

If you're planning to use Nahida as the main damage dealer, having her in a Quicken or Hyperbloom team is your best bet. This is because of the extra Dendro DMG you can get that suits this entire build.

Another thing to remember about this build is that your Nahida is probably going to have lower Elemental Mastery. You might have to use another character who has a much higher EM to benefit from her Burst. Here are a few choices:

  • Most of the Anemo characters are built on Elemental Mastery with Viridescent Venerer set. You can use any of them with decent crowd control like Kazuha or Sucrose.
  • If you're going for a Quicken team, characters like Kuki Shinobu or Fischl can be built completely on Elemental Mastery to suit this build as well.

Artifact Stat Priority For Nahida

While the builds mentioned above are completely different, the artifact stat priority for both of them remains the same when it comes to Nahida. Even after split scaling in her Elemental Skill, she's one of the few characters that is extremely strong.

Here's what you should be looking for when it comes to the artifact main and sub-stats:

Artifact TypeMain StatSub Stat
FlowerHP (guaranteed)Elemental Mastery > Crit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent
FeatherATK (guaranteed)Elemental Mastery > Crit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent
SandsElemental MasteryCrit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent > Energy Recharge
GobletDendro DMG BonusElemental Mastery > Crit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent
CircletElemental MasteryCrit Rate/DMG > ATK Percent > Energy Recharge

If you're going for the main DPS build, you can even think about switching the Goblet to Elemental Mastery main stat if you can't get her over 700 at least.

Talent Priority For Nahida

One thing that does change a little based on the build you're using is Nahida's talent priority. Firstly, you'll want to focus on her Elemental Skill as a priority no matter which build you're using. This will allow you to have higher damage whenever Tri-Karma Purification triggers.

Furthermore, leveling up her Elemental Burst increases the effects of each element on the Shrine of Maya. This is the second priority since it'll do one or more of the three things: increase Skill damage, reduce the intervals between Tri-Karma Purification, or increase the length of the Shrine of Maya.

You don't need to upgrade Nahida's basic attacks if you're planning to use her as an off-field support. Although, this talent becomes essential whenever you decide to play her on the field.

Nahida Constellations

Nahida has one of the most interesting constellations and here are all their effects:

Constellation NumberConstellation NameEffect
1The Seed of Stored KnowledgeAdds the first effect of Electro, Hydro, and Pyro to the Shrine of Maya for free whenever you activate the Elemental Burst. This means that you'll have the initial effects of all three elements no matter what.
2The Root of All FullnessBurning, Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon damage on the enemy marked with the Seeds of Skandha can Crit. Quicken, Aggravate, and Spread decrease their DEF by 30 percent.
3The Shoot of Conscious AttainmentIncreases your Elemental Skill level by three.
4The Stem of Manifest InferenceNahida's Elemental Mastery increases based on the opponents affected by her Elemental Skill.
5The Leaves of Enlightening SpeechIncreases her Elemental Burst level by three.
6The Fruit of Reason's CulminationDealing Normal or Charged Attack damage to an enemy affected by her Elemental Skill after using her Burst unleashes a special effect called Tri-Karma Purification: Karmic Oblivion.

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