Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Alhaitham

Alhaitham is the first sword user who wields a Dendro vision released in Genshin Impact. He's been compared to Keqing because of his quick attacks and Elemental Skill's teleportation ability. He's a strong DPS character and is able to apply Dendro to opponents pretty consistently. Because he scales off of Elemental Mastery, more Dendro application means more potential elemental reactions, which equals big damage.

There are a few swords that can increase his Elemental Mastery even further. But Alhaitham is also easygoing enough that you can equip him with swords that don't have Elemental Mastery as a main stat, and he'll be more than fine.

7 Harbinger Of Dawn – Three-Star

The Harbinger of Dawn isn't as good as some of the four-star options, but it's the best three-star choice in case you don't have access to anything better. Being a three-star weapon, its base ATK will be lower than those with higher stars, but you can get away with having less ATK on Alhaitham.

Its main stat is Crit DMG, which is always useful and will bump up his elemental damage numbers. The sword gives an extra 10.2 to 46.9 percent Crit DMG, depending on its level. Its passive also increases his Crit Rate by 14 to 28 percent as long as his HP stays above 90 percent. Just include a healer in the team, and you're good to go.

6 Iron Sting – Four-Star

Iron Sting is one of the best options for Alhaitham because of its Elemental Mastery main stat, and the best part is that it's forgeable! It gives a minimum of 36 and maximum of 165 extra points of Elemental Mastery, depending on its level. Alhaitham will be able to benefit from its passive almost constantly as well, thanks to his easy Dendro application.

Depending on its refinement, Iron Sting's passive increases all DMG by six to 12 percent for six seconds every time he deals Dendro DMG. Even if you keep the refinement at rank one, a consistent extra six percent of DMG on top of more Elemental Mastery can make a big difference.

5 Toukabou Shigure – Four-Star

If you lack sword billets for Iron Sting, Toukabou Shigure is a great substitute. It's an event-exclusive sword, but if you got it, it's a free weapon for Alhaitham. It'll give him an extra 36 to 165 points of Elemental Mastery, just like Iron Sting. However, its passive works a little differently.

An attack that hits enemies with this weapon will trigger the Cursed Parasol effect on them for ten seconds. Afterwards, damage dealt by Alhaitham against enemies affected by Cursed Parasol is increased by 16 to 32 percent, depending on refinement rank. Since he's an excellent on-field DPS, Alhaitham can inflict Cursed Parasol and take advantage of the extra damage without a problem.

4 Xiphos' Moonlight – Four-Star

Xiphos' Moonlight has the same main stat advantage as Toukabou Shigure and Iron Sting, giving Alhaitham an extra 36 to 165 points of Elemental Mastery. Where it differs is that it can also help with his Energy Recharge, which is also one of the most important stats to manage.

Its passive gives him 0.036 to 0.072 percent of Energy Recharge for each point of Elemental Mastery he has, which should be many. The other members of the team gain 30 percent of this buff too, which helps a lot for energy-hungry characters like Xingqiu. Basically, Xiphos' Moonlight can help ease your Energy Recharge worries if your artifacts don't have great Energy Recharge substats for Alhaitham.

3 Sapwood Blade – Four-Star

Sapwood Blade is another forgeable weapon, though it helps more with Energy Recharge than Elemental Mastery. It'll give Alhaitham six to 30.6 percent extra Energy Recharge, depending on its level. It's a good option if you're really lacking Energy Recharge, but that's not all it's good for. Its passive does give you the opportunity to gain more Elemental Mastery.

Triggering any Dendro-related elemental reaction drops a Leaf of Consciousness on the ground for ten seconds. Picking it up gives Alhaitham 60 to 120 extra points of Elemental Mastery for 12 seconds, depending on its refinement rank. If your Elemental Mastery is already high enough, you might benefit more from having the Sapwood Blade fill your energy needs and give you some extra Elemental Mastery once in a while.

2 Freedom-Sworn – Five-Star

This is technically Kazuha's signature weapon, but it works very well on Alhaitham too. Its main stat gives him a good 43 to 198 points of Elemental Mastery, and he benefits a lot from its passive. By default, it increases the DMG dealt by ten to 20 percent, depending on its refinement rank.

When he triggers an elemental reaction, he'll get a Sigil of Rebellion. Acquiring two of them will consume both and give him and his teammates a 16 to 32 percent increase in normal, plunging, and charged attacks. It'll also give them a general 20 to 40 percent ATK increase. Since Alhaitham's Elemental Skill works with his normal attacks, you'll be doing them often, allowing you to always take advantage of this passive. Not to mention the huge general damage increase.

1 Light Of Foliar Incision – Five-Star

This sword is Alhaitham's signature weapon, so it's his best option if you manage to get it. Its main stat gives him a whopping 19.2 to 88.2 percent extra Crit DMG depending on its level, which is a huge boost to his damage. Its passive also increases his Crit Rate by four to eight percent, depending on its refinement.

Not only that; it increases the damage of his regular attacks and Elemental Skill by 120 to 240 percent of his Elemental Mastery. Even at the first refinement rank, having high Elemental Mastery from artifacts combined with the stats and passive of this weapon makes Alhaitham hit harder than ever.

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