Genshin Impact: Complete Elemental Mastery Guide

RPGs are full of stats that dictate how powerful your character is in different ways. In Genshin Impact, there are five main attributes for each character: Max HP, Attack, Defense, Max Stamina, and Elemental Mastery. All of these are pretty straight forward and easy to understand, except for Elemental Mastery. This stat is not only unique to Genshin Impact, but also works differently from the other four. If you want to max out your character’s potential, you’ll want to know everything there is to know about Elemental Mastery.

What Elemental Mastery Does

Elemental Mastery plays a major role in nearly every character’s damage potential. Letting it lag behind is just as bad as equipping an under leveled weapon. While you might expect it to only relate to your Elemental attacks, it actually doesn’t change the damage of those skills at all. Instead, this stat will determine how strong your Elemental Reactions, such as Super Conduct, are.

For example, with an Elemental Mastery of 323 the damage caused by Vaporize and Melt is increased by 52.2% compared to 19.4% when at only 105.

Similarly, if you’re using a Geo character, your Elemental Mastery will determine how strong the shields you create are. Using the same example as before, an Elemental Mastery of 323 will increase the amount of damage absorbed by 83.3% compared to 31% at 105.

Of course, this also applies to every other Elemental Reaction in the game, so raising your Elemental Mastery will boost the potency of every reaction you create.

How To Increase Elemental Mastery In Genshin Impact

Unlike the other primary stats in Genshin Impact, levelling up does nothing to raise your Elemental Mastery. The primary two ways you’re going to increase this stat is through your artifacts and one character’s passive talents.

When building your character, regardless of what type of build you’re aiming for, you should always be looking at the bonus stats that artifact provides. This can include Elemental Mastery, but artifacts also get a random stat bonus every four levels as well. For Elemental Mastery, one set you want to prioritize is the Instructor Set. A two-piece set will increase that character’s Elemental Mastery by 80, or if you have a four-piece set then using an Elemental Skill will increase the entire party’s Elemental Mastery by 120 for eight seconds.

If you don’t have a full Instructor Set of artifacts to equip, the Wanderer’s Troupe set is a fine alternative, or just pick whichever artifacts you have that give the highest raw Elemental Mastery bonus.

Finally, Sucrose is an invaluable party member to have if you want to really boost your Elemental Mastery. Her first Passive Talent, Catalyst Conversion, increases any character in your party using the same element to get 50 bonus Elemental Mastery for eight seconds after she triggers a Swirl effect.

On top of that, Mollis Favonius makes it so that when she hits with either of her two Elemental skills all other party members get a buff to their Elemental Mastery equal to 20% of Sucrose’s Elemental Mastery for eight seconds.

If combined with great artifacts, and the set bonuses, building this one character right could be all you need to do to bring your entire team’s Elemental Mastery up to devastating levels.

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