Genshin Impact: Electroculus Locations On Watatsumi Island, Inazuma

Just when you thought you were done with oculi collecting, the Inazuma region brought 181 new electroculi to Genshin Impact. That's a lot to take in, so we've broken it down into little bite-sized maps of each island. Today we're looking at Watatsumi Island and the 21 electroculi scattered across it.

There are several different tricks you can utilize for grabbing the various oculi, from using Inazuma's electrogranums and Phase Gates, heading out into the water on a Waverider, or trusting in a reliable set of glider wings. You'll likely have to deploy all of these tactics before you're done with the hunt, so here are all of the electroculi locations across Watatsumi Island and how to reach them.

Electroculus Locations On Watatsumi Island

1Use the Phase Gate to enter the chamber, then climb the stone wall to the right and jump off, looking behind you to locate the electroculus hidden in this lofty nook.
2Jump off the cliff overhang and glide below to find this well-hidden electroculus shrouded by the hanging ivy.
3Use the Electrogranum to bounce up to this electroculus that is also hidden beneath an overhang.
4Find this electroculus in a cave southwest of Mouun Shrine. Head in from the beach, or it is possible to glide in from the statue of the seven.
5This one hangs beneath part of the stone formation here.
6You can use electro seelies or an electrogranum to aim the arrows at the electroculus, then use the Thunder Sphere that appears west of the location to reach the electroculus.
7Use a Waverider to get out to the location and position the craft under the electroculus.
8Look for this electroculus behind a cart near the two houses in Bourou Village.
9Find this electroculus floating at the peak of the archway beneath a large stone.
10This electroculus is suspended next to the waterfall underneath a giant rock overhang. Jump down from the top of the rock and glide under to reach it.
11Jump down the waterfall here and glide behind the falls. There is an electroculus suspended partway down between the falls and cliff.
12Find this electroculus above some trees. You can glide down to it from the ledges on the cliffside.
13Jump down the waterfall that flows down a hole in the rocks. You'll find an electroculus suspended partway down before it opens into a cavern.
14Use the dead shrub to skip out to the floating rock, then an Electrogranum to propel up to the electroculus above.
15This electroculus is tucked in a low alcove in the rocks.
16Jump off the rock peak and glide directly under it to grab the electroculus hidden beneath.
17Dropdown between the small gap in the rocks to reach this electroculus.
18Jump down the waterfall and glide to the electroculus suspended beneath the rock overhang to the right.
19Jump from the top of the pink rock and glide towards the shrine, dropping down to grab the electroculus just behind the building.
20Jump down the narrow waterfall and glide behind the falls to find the electroculus suspended partway down.
21Smash the pile of rocks in the wall along the waterway to uncover this electroculus.

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