Genshin Impact: Electroculus Locations On Yashiori Island, Inazuma

Collecting the various oculi found throughout Genshin Impact can be a fun but wholly tedious challenge. The Inazuma region is home to electroculi, 181 of them scattered throughout the entire region, so it's understandable if you haven't managed to find them all. That's why we're here!

With nearly two hundred electroculi to locate, we've divided our searches island by island, so today, our focus is on Yashiori. There're a total of 30 electroculi found on this island alone, and we have a tip for finding each one.

Electroculus Locations On Yashiori Island

1On this tiny island, you'll find an electroculus floating out of reach above a configuration of stones. You'll need to break another pile of rocks nearby and grab the Electrogranum to reach it.
2You'll need to summon another Electrogranum at this location in order to reach the electroculus hanging high in mid-air.
3This location requires some Electrogranum jumping. You'll use the one located on the cliff south of the path to reach another Electrogranum elevated over to the north, and from there, you'll be able to snatch the electroculus from even higher mid-air.
4An electroculus can be found nestled down in a small fissure between the stones here.
5Down the slopes to the southeast, look for this electroculus in among the branches of a tree.
6Once again, you'll need to use an Electrogranum to launch yourself high enough to grab this one hanging mid-air.
7This marker notes an underground location you'll have to access from the canyon directly southwest. Work your way back towards this marker while following the left wall of the cave, and you'll find this electroculus at the end of the passageway.
8Climb out of the cavern on the eastern side, and you'll find another electroculus suspended under an overhang in the cliff.
9There's an electroculus in amongst the stones spread between the cliffs.
10This electroculus is in a small seaside cave. The entrance is to the east of this marker.
11This eletroculus is hovering over a tree stump in the open, nice and readily accessible.
12Jump from the cliffside and glide out to grab this electroculus suspended over the sea.
13Another high-hanging electroculus where you'll need to use an Electrogranum to reach it.
14This time an Electrogranum will be needed for crossing into the shielded zone this electroculus sits behind.
15Another electroculus hidden in an underground alcove. Look for an opening in the rock underfoot and glide down, continuing south where you should find the orb hanging out on a grassy ledge
16Here you'll need to solve the serpent's eyes puzzle, which involves herding a pair of electro orbs into the carving's stone eye sockets. This will unlock the grates barring the electroculus.
17There's an electroculus tucked behind the small shrine heading into Higi Village.
18Within Higi Village, you find another electroculus hanging over some books piled on a stone.
19Up north in Fort Fujitou, you'll find this electroculus crowning the peak of the stone formation located here.
20You'll need to use another Electrogranum to pass through the barrier and grab this electroculus.
21This electroculus is perched on a large rock out in the open.
22Another puzzle-locked electroculus. The objective is to draw a continuous path to the highlighted square without retracing any steps. Then you'll need to use another Electrogranum to snag the orb.
23On Fort Mumei's southern island, you'll see an electroculus suspended over a patch of greenery on the cliffside.
24On the docks south of Higi Village, an electroculus is perched precariously on the hook of a crane stationed there.
25The final electroculus sits on an island out to sea, south of Yashiori Island. You'll need to take a Waverider out to retrieve it.

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