Genshin Impact: Fabulous Fungus Frenzy Event Guide

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With every update, Hoyoverse releases one major event to entertain players in Genshin Impact. For Version 3.2, the new event is called the Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event, and it lets you train your own Fungi and battle them with other contestants. In the end, you also have a chance to get a free Dori.

During the main quest of the event, you can meet multiple characters involving a special character from a different region. It's one of the few events that doesn't involve anything combat-related. In fact, it's impossible to use your weapon while you're doing it.

Fungus Capture Guide

During the first act of the event quest, players will acquire the Wisdom Orb gadget, which is the main attraction of the event. This orb lets you remove the aggressive nature of Fungi and tame them as and when required. You can equip this gadget by heading to the Gadget tab in your inventory. It will have a clock on the top-left to signify the time-limited nature.

Throughout the event, multiple parts of this segment will open, and you'll have to capture every kind of Fungi to finish it. During the quest, you'll be getting the Hydro, Electro, Geo, and Cryo Fungus. To start this endeavor, click on the "Go To Challenge" option on the Fungus Capture page.

To get to this tab, you need to head over to the main Events tab and find the Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event. Once you're on the page, head over to "Prepare for Tournament" and you can get to Fungus Capture by clicking on the left icon at the top.

After getting to the location, a small area will be highlighted with a yellow circle on the map. There'll be one Fungi of each required type in this area. Look around and find the Fungi with a yellow arrow on top of their head, and press the gadget button to activate Wisdom Orb after you see one.

This will replace your Elemental Skill with a special ability that can be used to capture Fungi. Get partially close to the Fungi and activate your Elemental Skill button to get in the stance shown above. Now, you simply have to aim the net at the Fungi and their capture bar will increase if you hit them.

If you get too close to the Fungi, they will enter an alert state and run away from you. You can still try to hit them with the ability when they're running away, but it's significantly harder.

Once you've hit a Fungi enough times with the Wisdom Orb net, they'll get captured. Do the same to the rest of them in an area and the circle will disappear, finishing that part of the challenge for you.

How To Beat Every Part Of Coruscating Potential

After you've captured your Fungi, the next step is to train them. To do this, head over to Port Ormos and find Balfour. During this challenge, you have to make a certain pattern by switching, rotating, copying, and using a preset for the jellies. To get all the rewards, players need to do it within seven turns for each Fungus.

While it's easy to beat this challenge, it can get hard when there's a restriction on the number of moves. Here's how you can beat every Fungus' Coruscating Potential challenge within seven moves:

Bongo-Head Fungus Puzzle

  • Click on the rotate button and rotate the jellies on the bottom left twice.
  • For the third move, press the Switch button and switch the orange and yellow jellies in the middle.

Stretchy Electro Fungus Puzzle

  • For the first move, rotate the jellies on the bottom left once.
  • Next, rotate the jellies on the bottom right to make a row of green and blue.
  • Finally, click on the Copy button and then switch the green jelly at the top to pink. Make sure you click on the pink jelly first while using this feature to copy the right color.

Stretchy Geo Fungus Puzzle

  • Use the Rotate feature to rotate the top left jellies, bringing the only green one to the top row.
  • Switch the middle jellies in the second and third rows to make a row of blue and orange each.
  • Finally, use the Copy function to change the blue and orange jelly at the top to green.

Whirling Cryo Fungus Puzzle

  • Use the Preset function and apply it to the four jellies on the top left.
  • Switch the purple and yellow jellies in the middle of the first and second rows, and that will complete the purple row at the top.
  • To finish the puzzle, switch the pink and yellow jellies on the left side of the second and third rows.

Floating Dendro Fungus Puzzle

  • For the first step, apply the Preset to the very right column, converting the orange jelly on top to blue.
  • Switch the blue and green jellies on the far right of the second and third rows.
  • Use the Rotate button and apply it to the four jellies on the bottom right.
  • Switch the green and orange jellies on the far right of the first and second rows.

Stretchy Pyro Fungus Puzzle

  • Apply the given preset on the middle row. This will change the jelly colors in the row to orange-pink-yellow.
  • Switch the orange and yellow jellies on the far left of the first and second rows.
  • Finally, switch the pink and yellow jellies in the middle of the second and third rows.

Special Training Guide

You've captured the Fungi and upgraded them, and now it's time to test them out in battle before you get to play the official tournament. There is a specific domain for this and the game will take you there on the map if you click on "Go To Challenge". Once you're there, simply teleport to the domain and interact with it.

There are two parts of Special Training: Coordinated Assault and Zone Defense. For Coordinated Assault, players need to fight against a different group of enemies three times and defeat them without losing too many Fungi. For Zone Defense, you need to protect a monolith and prevent your Fungi from being eliminated as well.

You only have four Fungi for the first mode, but you'll be getting a choice for the further runs. You need at least 2,000 points to get all the rewards. Here are a few tips for finishing the battle on each part with 2,000 or more points:

Name Of Coordinated Assault PartName Of Zone Defense PartTips For The Fight
Through the BattlefrontPrecise Firepower
  • There will be a lot of Hilichurls with Geo Shields, Geo Slimes, Rock-Sheild Mitachurls, and Hilichurl Chieftain. Using the Geo Fungus' ability can help you remove their shields quickly.
  • You can use a combination of Hydro and Cryo Fungi skills to freeze the enemies, reducing damage taken from them.
Elemental StratagemsRaid Disruption
  • During the beginning, you'll have Cryo Slimes as enemies in these modes, so it's recommended to not choose the Whirling Cryo Fungus.
  • In the later stages, there will be Hydro Abyss Mages, and you'll have to use Cryo Fungus against them to get rid of the shields quickly. You can change the Fungi lineup in the middle of battle.
  • It's important to run Hydro Fungus and use its ability in this part because the Fungi will be taking a lot of damage, and it's important to keep them alive to get the most points.

After finishing the first part of Special Training, you'll be done with the first act of the event quest as well. At the start of the second act, you will start battling different people in the official tournament near Port Ormos.

How To Get Free Dori

The best part about this event is that players can get a copy of Dori for free for playing it. To invite her, you need to get 1,000 Mushroom Currency and Fungus Medals each. Here's how you can get these event-exclusive items:

  • Mushroom Currency can be acquired by finishing different challenges in Fungus Capture and Coruscating Potential.
  • You can get Fungus Medals by finishing Special Training challenges, fighting opponents in Championship Progress, and finishing the main quest acts.

If you finish every aspect of the event, you'll have enough of these two currencies to invite Dori and get all the event rewards.

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