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The fourth main quest within the Summertime Odyssey event is finally available in Genshin Impact, and it takes us back to Golden Apple Archipelago yet again. Since we're done with Kazuha's and Xinyan's mirages, it's Fischl's turn next. She is scared to confront her own mirage, and is missing during most of the quest.

The Immernachtreich Apokalypse quest starts exactly where we left off the day before. Paimon wakes us up the next day, and Fischl is still nowhere to be seen. After a while, the mirage finally comes into existence as a book and a statue of a raven is found on the beach.

This guide will be as spoiler-free as possible while aiding you in solving all the puzzles in this quest.

How To Beat The First Domain

After a bit of dialogue upon entering the domain, you will be introduced to the main mechanism in this quest and its first use. The Gaze of the Deep is a sort of camera lens that you can look through, and you have to make use of perception to align different objects with the missing parts in front.

The first puzzle is fairly easy. All you have to do is interact with the mechanism, and move the camera just a little to the left. There will be a special sound effect when you get close to solving the puzzle. Make sure you remember this sound effect by heart, as it will help a lot in future puzzles.

After solving the first puzzle, you will notice that the staircase isn't broken off in the middle anymore. Head up the stairs, and you will find another Gaze of the Deep. Enter it and zoom the camera all the way. Move it downwards just a little, and you will be done with this puzzle as well. Go up the new set of stairs.

Keep following this path until you see a big black cage. This is an elevator that will bring you back down to the Gaze of the Deep. Use it again to fix the bridge on top. This will break the staircase again, which is why you need the elevator to go back up.

Follow the new bridge, and you will have to defeat a few Hilichurls. After this, head down the stairs towards the left to find two Gaze of the Deep. You need to interact with the one near the stairs first as you can't work on the other one before it. To solve the first one, zoom your camera in all the way and put it in the exact position as shown above.

The zoom for the second one needs to be on the lower half of the bar, and you just need to align the bridge part with the rest of the structure to finish it and unlock the bridge. After this, head back up the stairs and cross the bridge you just made.

After defeating a bunch of Hilichurls, get to the yellow marker to find Leon, who desperately needs your help. After talking to him, operate the Gaze of the Deep on your immediate right and line up the block with the track as shown above.

Once this is done, you will need to line up two more blocks similarly. Line up the gray tracks with each other instead of looking at the entire block to make it easier. After solving the first one, you need to operate the mechanism in the middle and then the one on the other side. Once finished, talk to Leon and use the password on the area being blocked by a barrier.

Head down the stairs and defeat the Hilichurls to use the Gaze with yellow marker on it. For this one, keep the zoom mid-way through the bar and align the bridge as shown above. This will fix the main bridge, and you can use the stairs to go up until you find another elevator to take you all the way up.

Here, you can head to the end of the bridge to finish this domain and get a bit of Fischl's backstory. In the end, open the door with the yellow marker, and you will be back in Golden Apple Archipelago.

After talking to Arnold, head to the cave entrance, and you will see another elevator that will take you to the place you need to go. Once the elevator has stopped, simply get out and climb the wall right behind the elevator. This will take you straight to the entrance of the castle where you can go to the yellow marker to start the next part.

How To Beat The Second Domain

After finishing the initial dialogue in the second domain, head down the first set of stairs, and then towards the right, you'll find the first Gaze of the Deep of this domain here. It also introduces you to a new way to solve puzzles using the mechanism — this one can be pretty annoying but if you just follow the pictures here, it should be smooth sailing.

For the first one, simply move the block a little to the right once you're zoomed in halfway across the bar. This will fix the staircase in front, and you can head up. Keep heading up and then cross the bridge on the right side where you will also have to fight some more Hilichurls.

Once you've crossed the bridge, you will find an Echoing Conch on the right side before you head down the stairs to find another Gaze of the Deep. Here, you will also find a mechanism to rotate the towers, use this until you get the lower one right above the Gaze. After doing that, simply zoom in as shown above and move the camera to the right.

Once the puzzle is solved, head up the stairs on the left and then the ladder in front. Here, you'll see a Hydro Abyss Mage above another set of stairs that you need to defeat. After defeating all the monsters, interact with the device to rotate the towers two times and then interact with the Gaze.

Zoom into the camera about half the bar and then place it on the top center of the two windows as shown above. This can be a tricky puzzle to beat, but you will be able to do it with enough patience.

Head up the new ladder and follow the path until you find a checkpoint with a few Hilichurls near it asking for a beating. Defeat the enemies and continue on the path where you will see another Gaze of the Deep above a few stairs, but you can't operate it as it is.

First, you need to find the mechanism to rotate the towers and use it once. This can be found on the right side when you head down the stairs of the platform with the Gaze.

After rotating the tower once, it will come in the middle of the broken ladder, and you can zoom in the Gaze of the deep all the way and place it as shown above to fix the ladder and continue the quest. Move up the ladder and head inside the castle to find a friendly face, or a friendly statue, again.

To make way for Leon again, jump down in the hole, and you'll find three Gaze of the Deep again. Operate the middle one first and place it as shown above with the zoom bar close to the top. Next, you will need to fix the one on the far end of this platform and then the one near the ladder at last.

The second Gaze of the Deep puzzle towards the far end of the room can be a little misleading, but you basically have to fit the upper box in the gap while you're fully zoomed in. After that, solve the third one and talk to Leon yet again to get the password for the barrier. Head to the yellow marker and after a few dialogues, you'll beat the second domain.

Hopefully, you have unlocked the Teleport Waypoint at the top of the mountain as that's where you'll need to go for the third and final book. Once you're at the Waypoint, you will see an elevator that will lead you close to your destination. After it reaches the position, go out of the elevator and find the cave on your right side.

Follow the cave until you reach an exit, and then you'll see a staircase that you can follow on the right side. Enter the castle and keep going up until a cutscene triggers, and you'll enter the third domain, this time with Fischl.

How To Beat The Third Domain

As soon as you enter the final domain, you will be greeted with the first Gaze of the Deep, that will introduce another new way to solve the puzzles. Here, you'll have to align the blue cubes on the platforms with a blue aura to finish the puzzle. For the first one, simply move the camera upwards while being halfway zoomed in on the bar.

A bridge will appear which you can then cross to trigger another cutscene. At the end of this scene, you will be asked to find two pieces of the toy castle, and you will have two directions you can go in. First, head towards the opening on the right where a Wooden Shield Mitachurl is present.

After defeating all the enemies, interact with the Gaze of the Deep and zoom it out all the way before slowly placing the cube on the platform as shown above. Once you finish that, head out of the device and climb the ladder on the cube. You can now glide to the next platform.

In this area, ignore the first Gaze of the Deep and keep going towards the path on the right side. Go towards the Gaze at the very end of this path towards the left. You need to start at this one, and then you can solve the other ones. To solve this, zoom in halfway, and you'll easily be able to place the cube on the platform.

Next, interact with the Gaze near the one you just finished, and you will see that there is a tiny cube attached to the big one that you just placed. Place this tiny cube on the next platform and then repeat the process with the Gaze you saw first when you got to this platform. Once you're done, the ladder will be fixed, and you can head to the next part.

Once you climb the ladder, keep following the path and defeat a bunch of Hilichurls and a Cryo Abyss Mage. Here, you need to jump off the cliff at the end of the room where you defeated the Abyss Mage. As you jump, you will see a hole below that you need to go through. Here, you'll find two more Gaze of the Deep which can be particularly tricky to solve.

First, you need to operate the Gaze on the left side and zoom it about half the bar before placing it in the exact position as shown above. This doesn't look like it's taking shape at first, which is what makes this puzzle harder.

After you've finished the left one, interact with the Gaze on the right and zoom it in all the way. Now, bring the small block just a little left of the center, and you will get the sound effect of the puzzle being completed.

Once you're finished with the puzzle, new wind currents will be created that you can use to head over to a path on the left side. Defeat the Hilichurls here, and you will find the first piece of the toy castle. Pick it up and keep going on the path to find an elevator on the left side that will take you directly to the toy castle.

Next, you need to follow the path guarded by a Cryo Abyss Mage to find the second piece for the toy castle. Defeat the Mage and some Hilichurls to interact with the Gaze of the Deep in front. Simply move it downwards a little and the cube will be placed on the platform, opening a path to it.

Follow this path but don't climb the ladder just yet. Look towards your right just before the ladder, and you will see another path with a Gaze in the distance. Interact with the Gaze and, while halfway zoomed in, place the piece as shown above to rotate the tower in front. Use the elevator beside you to get to the tower's path.

Here, you can climb the ladder in front and use another Gaze to align the cube with the tower in front. Once you're done with this, a new ladder will be formed that you can use to get to the next part.

After defeating a few more enemies, you will find the second piece for the castle. A new wind current will be generated which you can use to get back to the main area. Once you have both the pieces, another Gaze will spawn in front of the toy castle, and you'll need to align it. Follow the exact measurements shown above, and you'll unlock the next part, meeting a familiar statue, yet again.

To help Leon for the last time, head over to the Gaze that is on the same wall as the cube he's on. You can zoom in just a little less than the top of the bar and align the cube as shown, this will make him start moving.

Next, you need to use the Gaze of the Deep at the very bottom of the pit, and then the one at the top that you didn't use yet. Both of these are pretty easy and straightforward to align. After saving Leon, you will get the password for the final battle. After saying the password at the barrier, close the book and a really amazing surprise awaits.

After a long dialogue, you'll need to get through a sort of labyrinth, but it's pretty easy to beat this. Just go towards the path where new enemies are coming from, and you'll be out in no time. Upon finishing the labyrinth, the final dialogue of the quest will trigger following a cutscene. This is where you finally beat Immernachtreich Apokalypse — enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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