Genshin Impact Player Uses Harbinger Of Dawn To Fight A Harbinger While At Dawn Plays When It’s Dawn Outside

On January 14, 2020, Reddit user Luiz_Rhetor gave the Genshin Impact community a tongue-twister of an achievement to view. The user posted a video of themselves fighting off a Harbinger with the Harbinger of Dawn while the song “At Dawn” played. And if that wasn’t enough “dawn” for you, it was also dawn outside while this whole ordeal was taking place. One Reddit user did point out that maximum dawn puns could have been achieved if Luiz_Rhetor had used Diluc, because he then could have used his elemental burst called “dawn.” But this was a minor oversight.

The Harbinger of Dawn, whose full title is actually “The Triumphant Harbinger Of Dawn That Points Towards Victory,” is a sword that players can obtain in Genshin Impact using the Wish system. While the idea that you’ll need to use an in-game gacha system to obtain this weapon may seem maddening, this is how most items and characters in Genshin Impact are obtained. And for some reason, it works for this game. But because of the seemingly random nature of the drops in the Wish system, Redditor Luiz_Rhetor had to have utilized quite a bit of patience to make this ultimate pun come to life.

After playing enough of the gacha-style Wish system to obtain the Harbinger of Dawn, the rest of the plan to make the ultimate in-game dad joke wouldn’t have been too difficult for Luiz_Rhetor. All he had to do was find a song with the word “dawn” in the title, which he achieved with “At Dawn” from the ’80s Soviet synthpop group Alyans. Next, Luiz would have to find a Harbinger to fight which, in Genshin Impact, isn’t too hard to do. In this case, he chose to fight Childe, the eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers. And lastly, he’d simply have to time the fight perfectly to take place at dawn.

This level of dedication to the ultimate dad-joke paid off in the culmination of Luiz_Rhetor’s Reddit video. And while it isn’t clear what inspired this entire thing to begin with, it’s surely only the dawn of his career in punny in-game humor.

Source: Reddit

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