Genshin Impact: The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears Quest Walkthrough

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Sumeru has taken the players on quite an interesting journey in Genshin Impact. From the cute Aranara in the rainforest to the confusing ruins in the Desert, all the World Quests are very detailed and adventurous in this region. The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears is one of these quests.

After meeting with Jeht in the Tanit Camps and taking a tour around the area, she'll ask you to meet with Azariq in The Temples Forsaken area. While this quest will revolve around this area, it can still give you quite a hard time because of the intricate puzzles.

How To Enter The First Temple

The place you need to reach to find Azariq is far from the Tanit Camp. You can either use the passage filled with grapples (four-leaf sigils) or directly teleport to The Temples Forsaken if you've unlocked the Waypoint near it. Upon reaching the location, you'll see a blue marker in front of the giant gate that will take you inside.

Talk to Azariq and get a report on the current situation. He'll tell you that a sand pile is covering the mechanism that can activate the door, but this won't be like normal sand piles. You can't get rid of these sand piles by using Anemo, and you have to use a fan-like mechanism that throws air from one of its faces.

These special sand piles can be differentiated by the blue aura coming out of them. Whenever you see the aura, it means that you have to find a fan mechanism to get rid of them.

After the dialogue, hit the mechanism with any attacks until it the air coming out of it faces the mechanism, which will get rid of the sand. Activate the button to enter the temple.

How To Remove The Sand Piles Around The Mechanism

As you enter the temple, you'll see a blue mechanism on the left side that will activate one of the giant fans when you interact with it. This will clear the sand pile on one side of the giant mechanism, and you'll be asked to interact with it since you have a vision. The next step is to activate all three giant fans.

A new button will be marked beside another door in the room, and you have to interact with the giant blue fan twice to clear the sand pile on the button. In the next room, you'll find a lever that will open up the little hole at the bottom of the wall. After activating the lever, hit the fan beside it once. You'll get a Common Chest and another interactable button at the end of the room.

Climb up the stairs and turn right to see a beautiful statue in the middle of the room. To the right of the statue, there'll be an open room that contains another lever and a fan. Activate the lever and make sure that the fan is facing the hole. Once that is done, you can head back out and go over to the left side of the room.

Apart from the Teleport Waypoint, this room also contains an Exquisite Chest that isn't required for this quest. If you want to get the chest, interact with the mechanism on the ground to your right and use the item it spawns to go around the room.

Different Pyro torches will be highlighted as you get near them, and you can use Pyro on four of them to unlock the chest.

On the left side, you just have to interact with the fan once to open another button for the door. This will let you go to the room with the statue where you can activate another blue mechanism. Although, this will close off the door you came through, and you have to find another way out through the new door that opens.

Upon entering the new room, you have to use another fan to clear off the sand and enter the next area. To progress in the quest, jump straight down the crack and follow the blue marker until you reach a door guarded by two Primal Constructs with an Exquisite Chest in between. After defeating the enemies, you can turn left in the next room to find another fan. Activating it will lead you back to the main area.

In the main area, you'll see that another giant fan has turned blue. Use this fan to clear the sand on the main mechanism and the button to the next door. The next area is similar to the previous one, but the fans in this area are on a sliding rail, so you have to move them to the correct place and make them face in the correct direction.

After moving two of these fans to activate the buttons, you'll reach another area with a statue in the middle. Head to the right side and move the fan in front of the hole while the air from it faces the hole too. Move the fan on the left side to clear the sand on the button, and activate the blue mechanism in front of the statue.

After the door closes and you enter the new area, you'll have to trigger another button and follow the path down until you reach the door shown above. The button to open this door can be activated, and you have to climb some stairs after that. After defeating a Primal Construct, you'll be able to reach the main area again.

Use the third giant blue fan to scatter the sand on the main mechanism and the next door. This area will introduce a completely different puzzle. As you enter the area, defeat two Primal Constructs and head inside the door to your left. Move the fan once and you'll be able to go to the next door.

Defeat the enemy here and turn the blue fan to the left, which will scatter the sand and reveal a lever. This lever will open a hole, and you can move this fan to the other side and make it face the hole to activate the second fan. Use the same method to activate the third fan, which will be used to clear the dust near the next door.

Defeat the two Primal Constructs in the next room and activate the Teleport Waypoint before anything else. Now, head up the stairs and use the fan to remove the dust on another button, which will open the path to the blue mechanism. After activating it, use the fan near the Teleport Waypoint to free up the button beside it, and head inside the new door.

Keep following the path and defeating enemies, and you'll reach the main area after scattering some more dust. Use the final giant fan to scatter the dust on the main mechanism and activate it. The mechanism will rise, revealing a Luxurious Chest below it, and also revealing the ruins of Gurabad. Head back through the main door of the temple to witness the beauty.

How To Get The Mother Of Jinn

Azariq will leave you at this point, and you have to defeat a Primal Construct and activate the button to open the gate. On the other side, you'll find a giant beautiful tree, which will be quite a sight in this desert. Here, you'll have to defeat the Algorithm boss before you can interact with the mother of Jinn, Liloupar.

As you pick the bottle up, the tree will lose all of its greenery, and the environment will turn pale. Liloupar will make you her master as she blatantly insults Paimon and Jeht. After the dialogue, head to the blue marker and enter the secret passage. Once you reach the waterfall, you can use the grapple above it to continue.

A messenger will take Jeht away at this point, and you'll have to continue your journey with Liloupar and Paimon. You'll be attacked by an Eremite group as you continue, and you'll have to investigate multiple Eremite camps in the ruins of Gurabad on your way back. There is a lot to explore and learn in this area, but it's quite straightforward if you just follow the blue mark and the yellow circle on your mini-map.

In the end, you'll report the situation to Babel, where Liloupar continues her insults to the desert dwellers. Head over and talk to Azariq and Jeht after that, where you have the option to battle Azariq in TCG, but it's not necessary for the quest. This dialogue will end The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears quest.

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