Genshin Impact Tips And Build Guides For Every Character

There are currently 30 characters available for you to pull in Genshin Impact, and I doubt you have them all. That’s not me trying to rile you up, I’m just saying that unless you’ve invested some serious money into Genshin Impact, getting every single character isn’t really possible. Instead, you will have to work hard, save up your Primogems, and learn to turn the characters you do have into the most powerful and capable warriors the game has to offer. That’s why we’re here.

In Genshin Impact the strength of your party isn’t just decided by your skill and your level, there are dozens of other tiny factors that can make a huge difference in the heat of the moment, and that’s why you should read through our tips and build guides.

You should bookmark this page now, as over time we shall continually add and update fresh information for every character added to Genshin Impact, tips to play them, the best build guides possible, and even how to find precious ascension materials.

If you need any of that, then look no further than our Genshin Impact character tips below.

Genshin Impact Character Tips

These are the important character tips you need to know. These guides will help you play Genshin Impact like a professional.

  • Pro Tips For Playing As Mona
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Barbara
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Diluc
  • Pro Tips For Playing As QiQi
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Keqing
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Ningguang
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Chongyun
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Fischl
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Zhongli
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Beidou
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Xinyan
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Xingqiu
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Tartaglia
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Xiangling
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Jean
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Razor
  • Pro Tips For Playing As Xiao
  • Pro Tips For Playing as Ganyu

Genshin Impact Character Build Guides

Your character is only ever as good as the weapons and artifacts they use, and that’s what you’ll find in these in-depth build guides.

  • Best Build For Mona
  • Best Build For Jean
  • Best Build For Klee
  • Best Build For Beidou
  • Best Build For Razor
  • Best Builds For Tartaglia (Childe)
  • Best Builds For Diona
  • Best Build For Fischl
  • Best Build For Keqing
  • Best Build For Bennett
  • Xingqiu Build Guide
  • Qiqi Build Guide
  • Xinyan Build Guide
  • Zhongli Build Guide
  • Albedo Build Guide
  • Ganyu Build Guide

Genshin Impact Ascension Material Guides

Once you’ve started equipping your character with the finest tools, you’ll need their strength to be as high as possible, which is why you should be seeking out these unique ascension materials.

  • Geovishap Hatchlings Guide — Where To Find Fragile Bone Shards
  • How To Get Hoarfrost Cores
  • Violetgrass Location Guide — Where To Find Violetgrass
  • Everything You Need To Know About Star Silver
  • Crimson Agate Locations And How To Use Them
  • Where To Find Noctilucous Jade

Other Character Guides You Should See

The fun doesn’t stop with build guides and material hunting of course. We have more character-centric guides here, so make sure to click through for more things you need to know about the Genshin Impact cast.

  • Tier List — Best Characters For Your Party
  • Top Tier Team Compositions
  • Every 5 Star Character
  • Everything We Know About Rhinedottir

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