Genshin Impact’s Klee Tries To Use New Secret Teleport Point, Ends Up In The Back Of A Cart To Helgen In Skyrim

Last week, we found out about a new bug in Genshin Impact. Well, it might not be a bug. Some people are speculating that it’s actually a developer feature deliberately left in the game to let ingenious players return to certain places that are no longer accessible after completing the quest.

We’re just going to call it the “secret teleport” and leave the bug/feature debate to others. You can find the secret teleport in Liyue Harbor between Bibo’s fishing raft and the pier it’s parked at. Just hop in the small gap between the two and you’ll be teleported to your choice of location, including the Golden House or Jade Chamber.

However, it looks like if Klee tries to use the secret teleport, she gets taken to an entirely different location that isn’t normally available in Genshin Impact. A location where there’s a blond-haired man with a funny accent asking her if she’s finally awake.

Yes, it’s a Skyrim meme, but it’s a particularly well-done Skyrim meme. It’s turning into the new Rickroll, isn’t it?

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