German Musician Puts New Album On Super Nintendo Cartridge

Remute has continued to experiment with putting albums on interesting platforms, with his new offering out exclusively on Super Nintendo.

The old axiom “what’s old is new again” has very much applied to the video game industry recently. Classics from 20 years ago or more are being remade and remastered for today’s consoles. In fact, some of those consoles have had mini versions created in their honor. Gamers can relive even more of the games they loved during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Playing old games on those consoles is one thing. Creating new content for them is something else entirely. What’s more, the content referred to here isn’t even a game – it’s an album. DJ Remute’s new album The Cult of Remute was released on March 31, 2020, but not on CD or for digital download. The only way to listen to it is on Super Nintendo.

That’s right, Remute’s new album is on a SNES cartridge. This isn’t the first time he has done this, either, although it is the first album to ever be released on the console. In 2019, Remute released Technoptimistic on Sega Genesis cartridges. Clearly, he must have enjoyed more than a modicum of success to have followed up on that innovative idea with a foray onto the SNES.

Anyone who would like to purchase the album can do so via Bandcamp.

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