Get a load of all the exclusive merch in the new Nintendo Tokyo Store

Tokyo is getting ready to open what is only the second store in the world dedicated to Nintendo merchandise and it looks properly amazing.

As famous as they seem to most gamers, Nintendo are often accused of not making as much of their characters as they could.

There is that theme park in Japan they’re building, but the constant rumours of new TV shows and movies never seem to translate into anything and there’s really surprisingly little in the way of merchandise for most of their games.

Except that’s not true if you visit the Nintendo Store in New York, which is filled with exclusive merchandise you can’t get anywhere else, from T-shirts and mugs to replica Hanafuda cards.

Weirdly, there’s never been one in Japan though, despite the country having several Pokémon stores (but none in America). But now that’s set to change with the Nintendo Store in Tokyo.

The official website is here and judging by the photos it’s flowing to the brim with desirable knick-knacks, from Splatoon skateboards to The Legend Of Zelda handbags.

We particularly like the Animal Crossing kitchenware set and the replica extra heart from Zelda, but frankly it all looks great (and probably very expensive).

Whether this is a sign that Nintendo is planning to open other similar stores worldwide is unknown, but there’s never been anything like it in Europe.

There was the Pokémon Center London store but that was only ever intended to be a pop-up that only lasted a month. Although it’s speculated its overwhelming success may lead to Nintendo opening something more permanent in the UK.

Or at least that’d be the logical thing to do… which is not always the Nintendo way.

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