Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends: Honor And Essence Farming Guide

While you are probably more familiar with them as concepts, the new Ghost of Tsushima: Legends mode has transformed Honor and Essence into forms of currency to earn and spend. Each one is gained and used in different ways, but both are vital to building up your character to take on the more difficult missions and challenges this mode has. If you’re running low on either Honor or Essence and need to know the best ways to get your hands on more, check out our Ghost of Tsushima Honor and Essence farming guide.

Honor And Essence Farming Guide For Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends

Honor and Essence each serve their own purposes in the new Ghost of Tsushima Legends mode. Honor is what you will use to reroll different challenges, but is more importantly related to reforging your items and gear. Essence can be spent on reforging gear as well, but can also be used to unlock more classes, abilities, and new sections of your skill tree.

How To Farm Honor

The Honor currency and concept have one thing in common in Legends: they’re both hard to come by. The only way to earn Honor is by completing either your daily or weekly missions. This will limit the amount you can earn on a daily and weekly basis, and even doing them all will still net you far less of this currency than Essence.

While there are a few exceptions, so far there don’t seem to be many daily or weekly missions that are terribly difficult. You shouldn’t have any issue completing most of them after spending some time with the new modes, but if there is one you just can’t seem to complete, there is always the option to reroll. However, you should only do this sparingly, as it will set you back some Honor.

Honor is most useful when you approach the end game and want to reforge your weapons. Any weapon you earn that is blue rarity or higher can be reforged to reroll all, or specific, aspects of that particular item. For example, you can reroll the value, rarity, Ranged Damage, Draw Speed, and Perk for 225 Essence and 100 Honor, or just the Ranged Damage for 45 Essence and 50 Honor.

How To Farm Essence

Essence is far easier to obtain in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, which is lucky given that it is used for a variety of different things. Basically, as long as you’re playing the Legends mode, you will be earning Essence. You can get it by completing missions in any of the modes, including quickplay missions, as well as for daily and weekly challenges. There’s no wrong way to earn Essence, but playing through the story, paying attention to your daily and weekly missions, and throwing in some Survival mode will all contribute to your total.

The best uses for your Essence will be split between unlocking new classes and upgrading those classes. The most efficient way to use your Essence would be to pick which class you want to specialize in early, and invest all of your Essence into unlocking and learning all of that specific class’ skills. As mentioned previously, you will also need Essence for reforging gear, so don’t burn it all just because you feel like you have a ton.

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