Ghost Of Tsushima Player Becomes First In The World To Beat The Game’s Hardest Challenge Solo

When Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends launched as a free update for owners of the base game in October 2020, it flew under the radar for most players. The co-op PvE game mode was truly impressive, but by then, most Tsushima players had moved on to other games.

Not Joey Alex Dominguez. A huge Ghost of Tsushima fan, Dominguez studied the blade for over a year, honing his skill until he was ready to take on Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends's hardest challenge: "Plat7," better known as "Hell Mode."

For the players that haven't stuck with Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, the game's Survival Mode pits up to four players against waves of enemies, with a boss wave coming on every fifth wave. Each wave is progressively more difficult than the last, and you beat the mode after defeating 15 waves. There are five difficult levels capping off at Platinum, and there are also additional difficulty modifiers that can be enabled as well. Those modifiers make enemies more aggressive, powerful, and varied, while also handicapping the player.

So, "Plat7" is Platinum difficulty on Survival Mode with all seven modifiers enabled. This is the hardest Ghost of Tushima can ever get. It's also a challenge that normally should only be attempted by four coordinated veteran players. But just like Jin, Dominguez did it all alone.

I admit, Dominguez's moves are often too fast for me to follow. We get a brief explanation for his Hunter build at the beginning of the 45-minute video, but after that, it's just a blur of bodies hitting the ground. But beating the game’s hardest challenge solo was certainly enough to catch Tsushima developer Sucker Punch’s attention.

"Congratulations to @joeyAdominguez for not only beating the hardest challenge in #GhostOfTsushima Legends, but being the first person to do it solo – and he's done it twice!" Sucker Punch wrote on Twitter. "An incredible achievement that has our team in awe!"

Sadly, Ghost of Tsushima was not part of this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick, but now that the record has been set at 43:48, perhaps next year we’ll see someone strive for Dominguez’s crown.

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