Ghost Recon: Breakpoint confirmed for October – first gameplay trailer live now

Ubisoft has officially announced the sequel to Ghost Recon: Wildlands and it’s filled with drones, beards, and lots of guns.

It was pretty obvious the leaks were true, but Ubisoft has officially revealed Ghost Recon: Breakpoint as coming out on 4 October for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

They had a good half hour of trailers and alpha gameplay footage to show off, which you can see below, but even without the leak it’s pretty much what you’d expect after Wildlands: a squad-based tactical shooter in an open world environment, where you can play single-player or in four-player co-op.

The story is set in a near future where drones are even more commonplace, and a bad guy has taken over a Pacific island full of them. Your team is sent to deal with him but ends up crashing and being hunted yourself.

The most dangerous hunters are an evil Ghost recon team called the Wolves who have the same skills as you and much scarier masks.

Ubisoft insist that the artificial intelligence will be particularly good at tracking you and co-ordinating between enemies, with both you and them making substantial use of drones for recon and attack.

The game also seems to have a survival element, not in terms of collecting food and resources but having to bandage up your injuries and coping with wounds while still fighting.

There’s also a cool new ‘prone camo’ move to increase the emphasis on stealth and lots of slightly futuristic-looking vehicles.

Plus, a new bivouac item allows you to rest and recover, as well as change into one of any of the four classes whenever you want.

There’ll also be PvP at launch and the promise of a new expansion every four months, which judging by how Wildlands went seems well within Ubisoft’s capability.

They hinted that these expansions would include new class types and the first ever Raid for a Ghost Recon, with a quick teaser clip showing some sort of industrial complex near a volcano.

The graphics in general looked very good, although not for the first time with one of the Tom Clancy games it looked like the developer really wanted to be making something more fantastical than the quasi-real world setting would allow.

With all the transforming tank drones and hunter-killers it would only take a slight nudge to turn this into a Terminator future war scenario, and at times that’s exactly what it looked like.

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