God Of War Fans Spot Kratos Using An Old Move In New Ragnarok Footage

God of War fans have spotted Kratos using a move from God of War 2 in the latest Ragnarok footage.

Despite it being one of the most anticipated games of the year and releasing just a few months from now, we know remarkably little about God of War Ragnarok and have barely been shown any footage. That is, except for a minute-long gameplay video focused on combat from Game Informer earlier this week, which finally showed the game in action and revealed some of the new things we can expect to see.

Considering that footage is pretty much all we have so far, God of War fans have been combing over it since it released, looking for hints, clues, and extra details that weren't pointed out by Game Informer itself. Although nothing too substantial has been found so far, one fan managed to spot a neat little callback to God of War 2 hiding in plain sight.

In one section of the video that focuses on Kratos' new abilities with the Blades of Chaos, that being a new grapple function and the power to light it on fire, the player is seen running up to the new lizard enemies that appear in the Dwarven realm. Kratos then performs a finisher on it with the Blades of Chaos, stabbing it in the head to keep it in place before stabbing it twice more in the stomach and then throwing it to the ground to kill it.

As pointed out by Twitter user Main_Valkyrie, this is a direct callback to a move that Kratos could use in God of War 2 where he did the exact same thing, although with some added flair through twirling his blades and lifting the enemy dramatically into the air. Considering Ragnarok will have Kratos start with the Blades of Chaos this time around, it makes sense that there are some more references and finishers given to it this time around, and it's likely that we'll soon see more.

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