God Of War Ragnarok, Aurvangar Wetlands Walkthrough

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  • The Quest For Tyr
  • Turning The Massive Wheel
  • Lowering The Dam
  • Opening The Massive Gate
  • Nidavellir: The City Of The Dwarves

Leaving the frozen wasteland that is Midgar, we now venture into God of War Ragnarok's Svartalfheim. This is the realm of the Dwarves. We hope you are ready to paddle, because you're going to be doing a lot of it. With our arrival into Svartalfheim also comes to the arrival of one of Ragnarok's primary features: a healthy amount of puzzles. You are going to turn giant water wheels, freeze geysers, and make your way through this watery world.

But worry not, bloodthirsty gamers, there are still plenty of things to kill as well. You will not be abandoning your murderous ways, though you will now be focusing your axe on the deadly Grims instead of the more familiar Raiders. Svartalfheim also features a number of collectibles to scavenge for. We'll make sure to point you in the right direction during your travels!

The Quest For Tyr

Immediately after arriving, you will start your journey by fighting off a horde of Wretches. These lizard-like creatures are fast and small. Your light attack combo with the Blades of Chaos will be your best bet for taking care of these critters. Just make sure you are aimed more toward the ground. One of Odin's ravens is also here to greet you. It is perched up above. Say hello by tossing your axe at it.

Odin's ravens are often out of sight. During your adventure, keep your ears pealed, as they have a very distinct, echoey cry. This is the best way to locate them!

Now, hop into the boat and get paddling. When the surface of the water has a golden shimmer, that means there is something to grab. Soon after you push off, you will be able to grab some crafting supplies this way. Similarly, you should run into barrels you see floating in the water to get a little Hacksilver. If you stick to the left bank, you will find a chest with Hacksilver on a small beach. Paddle around to your heart's content, the river will eventually lead you to a large water wheel that is in need of moving. Get out of your ship at the nearby beach in order to do so.

Turning The Massive Wheel

You will come across a geyser that is stopping you from hopping to the other side. In order to pass, you need to freeze it with your axe. There is a Nornir treasure chest to your right. These can only be unlocked by destroying the runes that match the ones on the chest. The first two runes are in plain sight, just toss your axe at them. The third requires that you freeze the geyser blocking the platform above. Once you hop up here, the third rune is sitting under a tree. There is also a relic in front of a nearby corpse. Once you grab the relic and destroy the rune, hop down to the chest below and grab the Idunn Apple. This will permanently increase your maximum health pool!

Back on the main path, climb up the wooden structure. Then, hop down and fight the horrifying Grims. These creatures hit extremely hard. They are, however, very susceptible to the parry. You just need to learn the timing of their flying swipe attack. The Grims will come at you in waves, so don’t think you are finished fighting until you see the XP pop up for Kratos and Atreus. Once you have killed the Grims, look up. You will see a red glowing chest above. Climb up to it and get the Forged Iron and Hacksilver.

There is a long enough gap between the Grim's attacks that even if you accidentally block their lunging attack instead of parrying it, and are stunned, there will still be time to recover and parry the next blow. Once you realize this, they become a lot less threatening.

Now, climb the chain up to the platform above. There is a Hacksilver chest up here. After you hop up and grab the chest, go pull the wheel with your Blades of Chaos. Now, hop down to the beach below, and you will be right back where you started. Hop into your boat, travel through the gap in the wheel. You will pass under a bridge. Keep to the left and grab the Yggdrasil Dew (it looks like a teardrop hanging from the branch of a tree).

Lowering The Dam

To the right of the bridge you passed under, there is a beach that has Grims to kill, a bucket to smack down, and a Hacksilver chest covered in brambles. Once you have cleared out all of that, hop up above, burn the brambles, and jump onto the bridge you passed under earlier to lay claim to another Hacksilver chest.

Now, get back in your boat and paddle away from the bridge; you will find another beach here Like the other one, you will need to kill some more Grims and Wretches. You should see a strange metal dome. Once you open it up, you will find a geyser underneath. You need the geyser to turn the waterwheel, but it is currently too weak.

So, in order to increase the water pressure, you will need to freeze another geyser. If you look up, you will see a metal pod concealing another geyser. Freeze the geyser you already uncovered. This will increase the pressure of the other geyser enough to force the metal hatch open. Now, climb up the nearby platform, so you can get a better vantage point. Throw your axe at it to freeze it, thereby increasing the pressure of the geyser under the waterwheel enough to lpush the water wheel and lower the dam.

Opening The Massive Gate

Get back in your boat and continue until you hit a giant wall, then park your boat on the nearby beach. There is a barking Wretch here. If you get too close, it will hide. Traverse the docks behind it, and when it pops out, throw your axe at the back of its head. You will be rewarded with some fancy crafting supplies. There is a giant platform hanging nearby; use your axe to sever the chain, dropping it as a result. Then climb across. Pull the chain to lower half of the gate. Now, hop over to the other side.

The next chain is high up. Freeze the geyser under the structure and hop over it. You will fight some Cursed Grims, which are the projectile spewing variation. Just toss your axe at them and hammer them with your Blades of Chaos—while avoiding their acidic spit projectile. Now, uncover the geyser, freeze the one you passed over, and the giant water wheel will turn, lowering the the platform. Next, take your axe back, causing the block to rise. As it does, you will have a shot at hitting the chain holding it. Do this to drop the platform on the geyser.

Now, hop onto the platfrom, and freeze the geyser under the wheel, increasing the water pressure of the geyser under the block you are standing on. This will make it act like an elevator. Up here you will get a Kavasi Poem, a red chest with Forged Iron, and you will be able to pull that chain down. Get back into your boat, and paddle into the great dwarven city of Nidavellir.

Nidavellir: The City Of The Dwarves

Take in the sights as you enter Nidavellir. Once you reach the dock, leave your boat and start exploring. There is a treasure chest behind a strange metal gate. We can't get the chest yet, but we will be back for it in a minute. Follow Atreus into the heart of the dwarven city. However, when you see a climbable ledge to your left, take that route to find another Hacksilver chest.

Once you arrive in the city square, Sindri will be there waiting for you. There is also a Lore Scroll on the ground near the statue of Odin. One of Odin’s Raven’s is perched on a nearby rooftop as well. Throw your axe at it.

“Oh if these cobblestones could talk. Then they’d have mouths. Filthy, disgusting mouths” – Sindri

Talk to Sindri and he will upgrade Atreus’ bow. Now you will have sonic arrows, which will destroy those glowing green things. Shoot the wagon next to Sindri and get the Hacksilver from the chest. Then, shoot the metal gate nearby. A bunch of Wretches will spill out after you do so. Clean them up, but before you enter the hole, go to the dock and shoot that obstruction from before. You will find one of Kvasir's Poems, as well as a piece of Slag from the chest.

Now, head into the tunnel you revealed when you shot its door with Atreus’ arrow. Take a left, and you will find a chest being concealed by a green, glowy gate, and an artifact on the ground nearby. Climb up and cross through the corridor, and you can destroy some green glowy rocks that will reveal a Grim.

You are going to see a chest here that, at this point in the game, is in inaccessible. Once you have a certain skill, you will be able to come back and claim its treasure. Just make a mental note of its location.

Now, head back in the direction of the tunnel from whence you came, and on your right there will be a wagon holding glowy green rocks that can be destroyed. Now cross over the bridge, and move the wagon. You will official have arrived at the tavern. Talk to the tavern keeper and you will get the quest “In Service of Asgard.”

Pass through the tavern and to the other side. Continue to travel along the main path, but when you see a bridge on your left, take it. Then enter the dwarven house with the open door. You will be able to collect a bunch of pouches of Hacksilver in here. Finally, you will arrive at a dock, and officially take your leave of Nidavellir. For now, at least.

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