God Of War Ragnarok: Best Weapon Attachments

God of War Ragnarok is an immense adventure, spread across multiple realms of Norse mythology. There's a ton of ground to explore, plenty of fascinating quests to complete, and perhaps most importantly, a wide range of enemies to dismantle with Kratos' various weapons.

With Ragnarok featuring such a large variety of challenges to overcome, it's important to keep Kratos equipped for the task. Thankfully, the game includes a ton of add-ons and attachments for your weapons, allowing you to alter your attacks and stats in order to dispatch your foes as effectively as possible. Here are some of our favorites.

12/12 Radiant Warden Handles

Kratos' signature Blades of Chaos make their return in Ragnarok, and they come equipped with a few new abilities to boot. One of the more useful new skills comes in the form of the Flame Whiplash ability, which allows you to spin your blades rapidly, charging up its flame for a Burn-inflicting attack.

While charging your Flame Whiplash can occasionally leave you vulnerable to enemy attacks, equipping the Radiant War Handles can help eliminate incoming threats while you charge. In addition to increasing your Strength and Cooldown stats, these handles cause your Flame Whiplash to reflect incoming projectiles, giving you more room to charge them and providing more ways to counter enemy attacks from afar.

11/12 Pommels Of The Undying Spark

Status effects are a big part of combat in God of War Ragnarok. Your Blades of Chaos have the potential to inflict the Burn status after a number of different attacks, continuously damaging enemies as they fry to a crisp.

The Pommels of the Undying Spark are a great attachment to use if you enjoy turning up the heat on your foes. It will increase the damage done by the Burn status, while also inherently boosting your Strength and your Runic attacks. Most, if not all, of your Runic abilities on the Blades will come with an added Burn effect, which makes these pommels a win-win.

10/12 Hardened War Handles

The Blades of Chaos have multiple abilities designed to close the distance between you and your enemies. Specifically, the Hyperion Pull skill will yank them toward you, while the Hyperion Grapple ability sends Kratos flying toward his targets instead.

If you find yourself using these skills often to zip around the battlefield, the Hardened War Handles are a great go-to attachment. These handles will increase both the damage and Stun caused by these two skills, helping you take down all manner of Norse threats with ease.

9/12 Pommels Of Brutal Might

The Stun skill is crucial to your success while playing through Ragnarok's combat encounters. Once an enemy's Stun meter is full, they'll be vulnerable to an extremely powerful Stun attack, which will often be enough to deplete their remaining health —usually in the flashiest way possible.

The Pommels of Brutal Might add a bit of extra incentive to go for these Stun kills, as each time you strike an enemy with one, you'll be granted a Gift of Strength buff for a brief period of time. This will allow you to pummel any remaining threats until they're ready to be Stun attacked themselves. The cycle continues.

8/12 The Furious Maul

Kratos' Leviathan Axe, introduced in the 2018 God of War game, adds another layer to combat and provides a nice secondary option for you to dispatch anything in your path. While it's a bit slower than your Blades of Chaos, it's also typically more powerful, slicing through Draugr, Einherjar, and any other foes that may appear.

The Furious Maul attachment further boosts this power, as it provides a hefty bonus to your Strength stat. This attachment also has a chance to grant a Gift of Strength boon to Kratos any time he's able to successfully perform an axe kill.

7/12 Grip Of Weighted Recovery

Kratos' Runic attacks are another vital aspect of his kit of destruction. Assigning a Light and Heavy Runic Attack to your weapons will enable you to use powerful skills in battle, although each attack has a cooldown period after use.

The Grip of Weighted Recovery helps mitigate this limitation. With it attached to your Axe, you'll be granted a Gift of Cooldown with any Stun kill, allowing you to instantly recharge your Runic Attacks for immediate use.

6/12 Stonecutter's Knob

The Stonecutter's Knob is a useful attachment for the Leviathan Axe based on its stat-boosting attributes alone. This knob grants a large boost to your Defense and an even larger bonus to your Strength, making Kratos even more formidable in battle.

On top of this benefit, the Stonecutter's Knob adds a concussive wave to the end of your light attack combo. This grants you a bonus projectile to finish off attack strings, with a wave of frost shooting from your Axe in a manner similar to the Master Sword's full-health projectile from The Legend of Zelda series.

5/12 Grip Of Healing Harmony

God of War Ragnarok is no stranger to challenging combat encounters. You will find yourself in need of a health boost at some point or another during Kratos and Atreus' journey, and that's where the Grip of Healing Harmony can come in handy.

With this grip attached, you'll have a chance to heal Kratos with every successful Axe swing, giving you a much-needed backup in case you're taking heavy damage. This is on top of the grip's boost to your Strength and Defense, making it a great tool for tough enemies and bosses.

4/12 Hind Of Attuned Elements

With the surprise addition of the Draupnir Spear, Kratos gains a third weapon with which to take down powerful threats across the Nine Realms. The Spear serves as a great tool in its own right, but the Hind of Attuned Elements makes it an even better weapon when used in combination with your Blades and Axe.

Not only will your Defense and Runic stats be boosted, but Kratos' Spear will deal bonus damage to enemies that have been inflicted with Burn or Frost. Properly juggling your three weapons with this hind attached will make light work of most encounters.

3/12 Battle-Scarred Sauroter

Another of Kratos' invaluable abilities involves charging his Rage meter during combat. When your Rage surpasses a certain level, you'll be able to use it to either heal a moderate amount of health or activate Spartan Rage mode, causing Kratos to bludgeon his targets with a flurry of high-powered attacks.

The Battle-Scarred Sauroter attachment for the Spear is useful for accruing said Rage. Along with a large boost to your Defense and Vitality, it grants a Rage Burst each time you Stun Grab an enemy, filling your meter even faster and allowing Kratos to reach his full potential more often.

2/12 Hind Of Deadly Vitality

Success during God of War Ragnarok's enemy encounters is contingent on how well you balance your offensive approach with your defensive awareness. Fortunately, the hind of Deadly Vitality can help take away some of that pressure by rewarding you for each kill.

With this Hind attached to your Draupnir Spear, you'll have a chance at a Health Burst with any kill you achieve. This gives you a defensive boost with every offensive victory, and when combined with the hind's ability to increase your Strength, Luck, and Cooldown stats, it can be a lifesaver when things get tricky.

1/12 Hind Of The Nine Realms

The Draupnir Spear's Violent Maelstrom ability is one of its most essential tools. Using your Spear's stored Maelstrom to activate this ability will boost both its attacks and Stun capabilities for a brief time.

Add the Hind of the Nine Realms to this skill, and you'll be an unstoppable force against your enemies. It grants a bonus to your Runic, Vitality, and Cooldown stats, while also causing a Realm Shift effect whenever you activate your Violent Maelstrom ability with a full Maelstrom bar. With this time-slowing skill in tow, your Spear will tear through most monsters before they know what hit them.

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