God Of War Ragnarok Director Reveals An Easy-To-Miss Cameo From A Major Character

God of War's director has revealed an early-game cameo from a major character that's almost impossible to spot unless you know exactly where to look.

As you'd expect, God of War Ragnarok is full of little details and easter eggs, whether it's the poems referencing major PlayStation games or dialogue referencing fan theories and God of War lore. Most of the easter eggs are pretty easy to spot, but one of the most interesting ones found so far had to be revealed by the game's director as it's hidden very much in plain sight.

God of War Ragnarok's director, Eric Williams, recently took part in a spoilercast with IGN for Podcast Beyond to discuss all of the big twists and turns that the game takes. Alongside confirming some fan theories, Williams revealed that Odin actually makes an early-game cameo that's almost impossible to spot unless you know exactly where to look. There are some late-game and ending spoilers ahead, so if you've not finished Ragnarok, turn away now.

As Kratos and Atreus first work their way through Svartalfheim, a dwarf can be seen crossing the bridge and then leaning over to spit into the water. Williams revealed that the dwarf is actually Odin, presumably keeping an eye on Kratos and Atreus and getting ready to impersonate Tyr for a good chunk of the game. You can just see the dwarf turn back into Odin as he starts walking away, but it's the sort of thing you'd have to know beforehand to spot.

Speaking of impersonating Tyr, Williams also pointed out one interesting detail that makes Odin's impersonation a bit more obvious. Whenever Odin is pretending to be Tyr, his name is spelt as "Tyr" in the subtitles. When you later find the real him in the post-game, his subtitles show "Týr" with the proper accent above the y. Considering how spot-on God of War has been about accentuation, that one should have been obvious.

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