God Of War Ragnarok: Hel Tear Location Guide

God of War Ragnarok focuses on Kratos and Atreus's journey after they spread Faye's ashes and are now trying to survive Fimbulwinter. As you progress through the game, you will come across Hel Tears, which are portals through which enemies appear endlessly until you finish sealing the Tear.

Related: God Of War Ragnarok: Every Realm, RankedClosing the Tears will get you resources, as well as Frozen Sparks. These are valuable crafting components needed to upgrade your Leviathan Axe. To find the Hel Tears, you will need to explore the areas in the nine realms. Having access to Mystic Gateways will allow you to reach the area directly. Here is all you need to know about Hel Tears in God of War Ragnarok.

Where To Find All Hel Tears

There are six Hel Tears located in the nine realms. From the Tears, several Hel-Walkers will appear, and you will have to face them. Closing up a Tear will get you multiple Essence of Hel, Dust of Realms, Hacksilver, and a Frozen Spark.

Hel Tear #1

You will find the first Hel Tear at the start of the main story mission, "Reunion." You will be at Sindri's House playing as Atreus when the first Heal Tear will open. Halfway through this section, you will change into Kratos and will have to defeat more enemies.

After you complete this scenario, you can pick up a Frozen Spark.

Hel Tear #2

The second Hel Tear is located in The Gleaming Bale in Helheim. Once the Tear opens, enemies will start to spawn out of it. You have to hold off the enemies until Atreus closes off the Tear.

Defeating the enemies will grant you a Frozen Spark and Grip of Healing Harmony (Axe Attachment).

Hel Tear #3

The third Hel Tear is located in Aurvangar Wetlands in Svartalfheim. After reaching the boat dock, go past the geyser and get to the zipline at the top of the wooden platform. Zipline down towards the Tear in the distance. Defeating the enemies will grant you a Frozen Spark.

Hel Tear #4

The fourth Hel Tear is located North of The Southern Wilds Mystic Gateway in Vanaheim. From the Mystic Gateway, move slightly North, and you will soon see a Tear in the distance. You will get a Frozen Spark after you seal the Tear.

Hel Tear #5

The fifth Hel Tear is located in the Well of Urd in Midgard. Approach the marker on the map, and you will reach an area where you can Grapple up multiple times using your Blades of Chaos. Once you get to the top go through the narrow gap in the wall, and you will reach the Tear. Get another Frozen Spark after closing the seal.

Hel Tear #6

The sixth Hel tear is located near The Strond Mystic Gateway in Alfheim. From the Mystic Gateway, head towards the South, and you will see a Tear on the ground below you. Seal the Tear and grab your final Frozen Spark, which will combine to make one Frozen Flame.

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