God Of War Ragnarok’s Jotnar Edition Sells Out In 5 Minutes, Being Scalped For £600

God of War Ragnarok's Jotnar Edition sold out in five minutes and is now being scalped online for prices up to £600.

A few weeks ago, PlayStation revealed the release date for God of War Ragnarok, as well as detailing the collector's editions. In a strange move, it also set a pre-order date, likely anticipating how popular and desired the collector's editions were going to be. If that was the case, it clearly had the right idea, as the most expensive edition of the game, the Jotnar Edition, sold out within five minutes.

In the UK, Game was the sole retailer stocking the Jotnar and Collector's Editions, and checking the site five minutes after the pre-orders began shows that the Jotnar Edition had sold out within five minutes of going live. The slightly less expensive Collector's Edition of Ragnarok, which loses the cloth map, ring, and changes up the detailing on some of the items, lasted a little bit longer on the site, but after around half an hour seems to have sold out as well.

To no one's surprise, both the Jotnar and Collector's editions of Ragnarok have already started appearing on eBay, with some listings asking for more than double the retail price. Two listings on the site already are asking for £600 for the Jotnar Edition of the game, while Collector's Editions are going for a minimum of £250, while some are even trying to get £500 overall, which is strange considering that the Collector's Edition was up for quite a while after going live, at least compared to the Jotnar Edition.

It seems that Ragnarok's special editions sold out across the world within a matter of minutes too. Aroged reports that GameStop shoppers say that the Jotnar version of the game had sold out within minutes, similarly to the situation at Game, while some users are reporting that they were unable to finish their purchase as the edition had already sold out by the time it was in their basket.

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