God Of War: Where To Find The Finder’s Fee Treasure

Treasures are buried loot scattered throughout God of War that can give enchantments, money, and materials. You can use the materials you acquire to upgrade your gear. Most of these treasures will be accessible as you play through the game, and some are very easy to locate and are near the main path of the journey. Meanwhile, others might require you to complete side missions or favors allowing you to go to new areas.

There are a total of 12 treasures in the game. To find them, you must first find the treasure maps, which will give you a hint as to the location of the treasure.

Where to find Finder’s Fee Treasure Map

You will have to make your way to the Forgotten Caverns. Dock your boat on the beach and enter the caverns. Go straight past the restless spirit and the small chest on your left. Keep going straight until you reach an area on your left with a small chest and the treasure map lying on the ground.

The map will appear in the Goals tab under the Treasure map sub-tab. The next thing you need to do is to find the treasure.

Location of Finder’s Fee Treasure

The treasure map in your inventory will read as follow:

"I've been working for Hraezla Farmadr for a long time, but the pay is always short. With the camp split between Vandrid and his old man, no one will notice me stashing a bit of the earnings on the side. My secret perch is the perfect hiding spot."

The clue hints at Northri Stronghold. The area will be accessible in the “Family Business” Favor given to you by Sindri. Once at the Stronghold, keep rowing until you reach the water wheel. Look around for a place with a white flag to dock your boat. Go up the tower by climbing the wooden planks. The treasure is buried right where you stop climbing.

Collecting the treasure will get you an Unyielding Cinder, one Rare Enchantment, 10,000+ Hacksilver, and ten World Serpent Scales.

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