Godfall Has Officially Gone Gold On PlayStation 5

With a release date confirmed and pre-orders in sight, it will be all hands on deck behind the scenes of launch titles, and one game has now hit the finish line. Godfall has officially gone gold on the next-gen PS5, making us even more excited for the upcoming November 12 release date.

Godfall is one of the first PS5 games to announce its completion, and confidently keep fans up to date with its progress. With the action RPG now ready for manufacturing, the announcement came via Godfall’s official Twitter account, speaking on behalf of everyone from Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing. The team stated that they were excited to advance with the gaming community into the brave new world of next-gen technology, and the growing Godfall fan base joined in on the celebrations.

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The team behind Godfall’s completion have traversed the difficulties that the pandemic laid before all industries this year, however Counterplay Games has now conquered adversity. The Godfall team had been working from home during the final stages of testing; a challenging change of circumstances that has caused setbacks for many other next-gen titles.

The pressure was no doubt intense, as the team furiously worked towards readying the PS5 launch title, and fans hoped that the team had ample time and facilities to push Godfall to its full potential.

Set in the world of Aperion, Godfall was inspired by the novel series The Stormlight Archive and the Foundation franchise, presenting a world split into elemental realms. You will play as one of the few remaining soldiers of the Knight’s Order, tasked with saving the world from the apocalypse. Ancient magic will play a big part in the narrative, and will assist in combat by offering spells to cast and armor to strengthen for your hero.

Debuting as one of the first confirmed PS5 games, Godfall flaunted its gameplay trailer at the PS5 Future of Gaming event that showcased the game’s unique fighting combos and plan to release on PC. The looter-slasher is fantasy at its best, reminiscent of Dark Souls during combat with a customizable hero, and the option to ignite your experience as a single-player or in co-op. Godfall has also been compared to God of War and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in its style and combat mechanics, which piques our interest even more than before.

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