Godfall: How To Defeat Wraith Lord Decimus

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Each major boss in Godfall has a few lackeys that need to be dispatched if you want an easier time taking on the big cheese. These bosses are found in “Hunt” missions and are pretty darn tough in their own right. Wraith Lord Decimus is one of these minibosses, and he is arguably the hardest of the bunch defending Zamora.

Wraith Lord Decimus, as his name implies, is the Lord of Wraiths, and will constantly be surrounded by them. He is a necromancer at heart, and this fight is all about juggling crowds and avoiding Decimus and his giant axe. Decimus has more than a few tricks up his sleeve to make that last part even trickier.

Wraith Lord Decimus’s Attacks

Wraith Lord Decimus, despite being a Necromancer, is a very capable melee combatant and comes barging in with a massive axe to make that point known. Unlike Vargul Champion and Alpha Rancor, however, Wraith Lord Decimus is comparatively very slow. He relies more on distracting you with summons and bopping you from behind, than fighting fair.

Axe Swing(s)Decimus swings his axe once horizontally. This is his fastest attack and deals relatively low damage.This attack is very easily dodged providing you have Decimus on your screen. It has a relatively quick windup, but it’s still pretty clear when he’s going to throw this out. Dodge through the attack and counter with your own swings.
Spin To WinDecimus winds up, and then unleashes a series of spinning axe attacks. This attack is very slow to charge, but travels far and deals decent damage.This attack can be spotted from a mile away, and is very dangerous if you don’t see it coming. If you do see it, then the best way to counter it is to dodge to the side. This attack has a long-range, but it tends to go in a straight line.
Downward Axe StrikeDecimus charges his axe with purple energy and then slams it on the ground sending out a wave of energy. This attack is very slow, has a huge windup, but deals high damage when it lands. The purple axe buff persists for a while too, making all of Decimus’s attacks more powerful.This attack is very clearly telegraphed, but only if you are looking at Decimus, which is easier said than done. You want to move towards Decimus and dodge behind him as this attack has a few interesting properties. If the axe hits you, you will be sent flying, if the shockwave hits you, you will be staggered.
Blue UpswingDecimus glows blue and quickly swings his axe in an upward arc.This attack should be parried whenever it comes out as it will stagger Decimus and leave him open to massive damage.
Unblockable Attacks Decimus has a number of axe swings that glow red and are unblockable. These are nothing fancy, but they are fast.The moment you see Decimus glow red, dodge towards him and counter-attack.
Summon WraithsDecimus has one big gimmick, and that is the summoning of Ironblood Wraiths. He will summon these guys constantly, but can only ever have two Wraiths on the field at a time. Every time you kill one, he will attempt to summon it back.There is no real counter to this. He will summon these wraiths no matter what you do. There is a decently long windup when he is casting, however, so attack in this opening.

Preparing For Battle

Wraith Lord Decimus is incredibly slow and is surprisingly squishy. This makes slow, hard-hitting weapons ideal – especially ones with wide sweeping swings. This will let you hit both wraiths and Decimus at the same time, which is always a good thing.

Archon Fury is amazing in this fight as Decimus is not the tankiest of enemies. You can deal a lot of damage very quickly if you open with this. Remember to use Heavy Attacks to ensure any damage sticks.

Battle Strategy

Wraith Lord Decimus is simultaneously the most difficult, and easiest miniboss in the Earth Realm. He can very quickly overwhelm you with attacks and minions, but he is incredibly easy to read, and can’t take a hit.

You want to kill his wraiths whenever you get the chance. They are very squishy, and can be dealt with by throwing your shield most of the time. Decimus will then spend large portions of the fight trying to summon them. Not only that, but his wraiths have a high chance to drop healing orbs, reducing your reliance on your limited healing stock.

You want to keep Decimus in your sights at all times. His attacks are slow, but if you can’t see them coming, he’s going to land them more often. When he’s alone, stick close to him and dodge behind him whenever he tries to attack. When he tries to summon, unleash everything you have to wrack up the damage.

Remember to parry whenever he glows blue as this will stagger him, leaving him open to massive damage. Similarly, remember to use Heavy Attacks to build up Breach and Soul Shatter.

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